2.55 Reissue in Black 225

  1. Are these hard to find?

    Does anyone know the price of this item?
    Thank you!
  2. As far as I know only the pearl Black reissue was released in 225at approx 2200 Euros and the 225 satin though but gorgeous croco at about the same price I guess !Both with G/H:smile:
  3. They released the Black Metallic Reissue in the 225. I think The Chanel Boutiques are sold out. Not sure who else ordered it, not NM. You may want to try Hirshleifers in NY. I think they had a matte Black, but it maybe a 224....
  4. I think black met is released only in 224 226 227 and 228 at least that's what the manager of my local C b (Europe)told me in spring!:confused1:
  5. There are both black metalic and black (but with gold chain) available.
  6. I was told by my boutique SA that the black with GH this year did not come with the 225 size. I don't know whether that is the same case with Met blk in the US
  7. Dear lvluv I just bought my first chanel (!!!) which is the black reissue with gold hardware from the Chanel Boutique in Greece. And it is 225 size. A dream comes true. The thing is though that it was the only one in the store. But I suppose that if I found it, you can find it too.
    Good luck it is absolutely perfect!!
  8. Hi Isobel! I am Greek too but I live in Vienna!:smile:Congrats on your new bag and welcome to our Chanel club:welcome:! Did you get the 225 pearl reissue?
  9. No the plain one, and it's a work of art!!

  10. I know it's a fabulous piece indeed ! .I've got a bigger size too a couple of days ago hehe!:happydance:
    I'll post pix as soon as I have some free time !Thanks for the kisses!:winkiss:
  11. is this the one you are talking about?? it's just the plain classic flap but in 07's black, which is a tiny bit shiny. i got it this week at NM and there were a few more left.excuse me if it isn't the right bag, i hope i was able to help!
  12. Hi msjenn!Congrats on your beautiful bag!:tup::drool:
    Nop,this is not reissue-well looks like since it's got the mademoiselle lock-we call it the "hybrid" : a combo of reissue and classic flap!The reissue's got plain chains while the hybrid's got the leather interwoven chain like the classic flap!:yes:
    BTW the 07 black reissue comes in G/H!
  13. My SA confirmed with me today that she had never seen any 225 size with this color combo(reg. blk + GH). But they are available in Greece...Is that because Chanel in different regions get different sizes?
  14. Hi Minal as far as I know too this year's 225 black reissue with G/H was only the pearl -except of course the 226,227,228 which some of the Fers got and its of course without pearls...Could it be that Isobel got an anniversary one that lay in the b's shelves???That would be great !What I def know is that you can find little treasures in Athens' b from past years since many Greek ladies prefer to visit the bs abroad :more up to date and better service.As I live in Vienna the last couple of years I haven't paid a visit to Athen's b recently and I'm curious too -usually what is released in Europe is released in Athens but maybe some of my fellow Greek Fers can clarify this better!:smile:
  15. Dear ladies, hello again! I didn't get the anniversary because it didn't have 2.55-2005 stamped on the inside. I will pick the bag from the boutique tomorrow (I have reserved it) and I will tell you the code so that we know which year it was produced. Maybe they sold me the pearl one without the pearls? I don't know but the price was definitely not 2250 euros (!) and also they had it in 224 size.

    Everything will be clear tomorrow!