2.55 Reissue bags at KarenKooper and cool shoes

  1. Was perusing the thread about trusted resellers:

    Saw silver and gold of the 2.55 reissue bags on KarenKooper.com - Bienvenue if any are interested. I am not sure if they are hard to find?

    I know nada about chanel except I love my ballet flats!

    They also have some cool shoes on this site:

    I know I have read Jill say that she loves her flat slides and they have some caramel colored ones for sale for less than I gave for some used authentics on eBay.


    Also saw some cream ballets with a black patent toe, tons of cute jewelry, bags and scarves. Even a silver backpack which I have never seen before. lol

    Just thought I'd pass on some finds I saw. I'm a LV poster usually so excuse the lack of Chanel finesse!! :shrugs:

    Happy purse obessessing ladies!! :yahoo:
  2. saw some cool LV bags, thx!
  3. Her stuff is soo expensive!
  4. Thanks mlowran - a new site for me to browse!! :drool:
  5. Both of Karen Kooper's Chanel bags are sold. They have been for ages. Not sure why she doesn't take the listing down, may she wants to show what she had or what you missed!! But everyone says she is a 100% trusted seller and wonderful to buy from.
  6. ^^Her site irritates me. Why doesn't she just take stuff down after it sells ???:confused1: You get all excited when you see the thumbnails...then you click on them and it says "SOLD" That's annoying and SUCH a letdown....:sad: :cursing:
  7. Reminds me of a bag that I wanted and I dithered about getting it and then it was sold. It sold months ago but the listing is still there. I feel tormented that I didn't get it but I still enjoy looking at the bag because her pics are so good.
  8. Hi Does anyone know if Chanel or Saks still sells 2.55 reissue bag in black colour?? because it's 2005 limited edition, or is that sold out already everywhere??
    I wonder if they have it in Florida? any help will be appreciated!!
  9. ^Call your local Saks..ask them to put the bag on locator for you..I have heard there may be some left in the company.