2.55 question

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  1. Hello ladies!! I just received a light gold 227 reissue and have a query which I hope you ladies will be able to help me with.

    It's a new in box piece but does not seem to be able to stand on its own? I tried posing it on the box for a pic but it keeps falling over.
  2. try putting your usual bag contents in to sit it up. or pushing the base inwards to relax the crease.
  3. The 2.55s are made with a crease in the bottom of the bag that points outwards, which lends to its vintage look and feel (think of a flap you've used and used daily for years making the bottom sag slightly). You can smooth it out by storing it stuffed slightly and upright, if it bothers you, but just know that this detail is intentional. :smile:
  4. thank you very much - I will try - I'm just nervous about doing anything to it in case I want to return....

    The original wrapping is still on the straps!

    So, the bag SHOULD stand upright without support once it's loaded?

    Thanks so much for the info - this is my first 2.55.....:smile:
  5. thank you! great info to have.

    I got the soft gold and do love the subtl-y bling look of it but was a bit concerned that it seemed so floppy....

  6. Another question please!! on the top of the inside flap, there are a couple of dents where it meets the straps. Is there anything I can do to stop that from getting worse?

    Thanks again!
  7. mojo, you are too adorable (because you're worried the bag won't stand up by itself) :biggrin: Sorry, just sounded funny to me! Hehe. The 2.55s are generally quite flat and floppy because of the way they're made.. just stuff yours with tissue, it will be fine.

    I had that problem with the dents on the inside flap too, I just tucked a soft hand towel over the inside flap and inside the compartments (so you're basically wrapping the whole flap with it) so it cushions it against any more denting.
  8. Just use the felt that came with the reissue :smile:
  9. heehee - nope I am not obsessive :whistle:

    thanks for the tips!
  10. hmm........it didn't come with the felt......I need to ask the NM SA for one!
  11. ^Your welcome! Mine came with felt too, but I found it a bit thin and not wide enough to cover where the straps hit the inner flap, so found a bigger hand towel. :smile:
  12. u should be able to get an extra one, i asked the boutique before and they got me one :smile:
  13. thanks - will ask them!
  14. Btw.. do you have pics of this lovely bag? Is it from 08P?
  15. erm.....I'm not quite sure how to tell if it's from 08P.....

    I was trying to take pics when I found that it kept falling over! must confess that it's been in its box ever since.

    will try to take some pics and post soon!