2.55 question

  1. I know there are alot of colors in S/S 2008...:tup:
    But I am wondering if the 2.55 black in patent will be re-released in 2008..
    Does anybody have any info?
    I really want to have it..:crybaby:
    Shall I buy the bag on eBay with premium??:shrugs:
    PLease help!!
  2. The clasic jumbo flap is available in black patent leather now w/silver hardware- $2395 w/o tax. Chanel @ south Coast plaza in CA. had 3 left last I checked
  3. Chanel at Bellagio Las Vegas has black patent jumbo classic in silver hardware as well. Unfortunitly for spring summer patent will not be in the 2.55 series. The colors are purple metalic, navy metalic, light silver, black metalic, gold, and a new bronze color.
  4. Does anybody know if there will be any non-metallic colors for reissue in S/S 2008? TIA
  5. OMG! could the purple metallic look as good as it sounds??? :drool: