2.55 Pricing List

  1. To make things easier so that we don't have to scroll through all the threads for pricing mentions, can anyone, a Chanel-obsessed freak that is, post the various prices for the 2.55?
  2. Here's a few:
    224: $1795
    226: $1995
  3. 227: $2090
    228: $2285
  4. I personally can't see why someone would get the Med, when they can get the large for $100 more!
    LOVE that large one!
  5. Thanks gals, but I'm new to Chanel and I'm wondering the the numbers mean? i.e. 224? 226?
  6. I would love to see pics next to those numbers!!!!
  7. Its the different sizes the purse comes in. 224 smallest - 228 - largest
  8. ^exactly! IntlSet has a thread showing all the sizes next to one another, I'll find it.
  9. Thanks!!!
  10. For me, Swanky, I just prefer the dimensions of the medium. It looks way better on me than the large did.
  11. melisande:I totoally agree about the size of the bag. The medium looks PERFECT on me, with my height and weight. The other two sizes looked very akward -to the point where even my SA said the bag was a "No.no."
  12. The 227 was too overpowering on me, the 226 was perfect!:biggrin:
  13. Exactly the same way for me!