2.55 Price in Paris and shipping info

  1. I just checked the price for new 2.55 in Paris.. it's EU1,890 for 227 and EU2,300 for 228. What confused me is the lady said there will be 227 and 228 and also there will be RED... so I think I just hang on and see what will available.. One more info for whoever lives in Asia and don't have Chanel boutique in their country (same as me..no Chanel in Indonesia :cursing:), if you want to buy the bag they can send it over, but you can't pay with credit card. You should do wire transfer. So, they will deduct the tax when its shipped out of Europe... Hope this helps
  2. oh my gosh!! seriously? i've been wondering abt how to buy dir fr paris? who did u speak to there? is it possible for you to let me hv the contact? thanks!
  3. yea, i would like to know it too. I-shop, could you please PM me?
  4. isadora: i pm'ed you
  5. could you please pm me your contact too please, and do you know the price for a 226? :smile:
  6. I'd like to know what they quoted for the price of the 226 too please? TIA!
  7. ladies the price of the 226 should be around 1760 Euros.Vienna has the same prices with Paris ,and I think that was the price of the new 226!:yes: or 28cm;)
  8. Thanx chanelspell!
  9. Percie you're right I think UK is more expensive than in continental Europe
    I know for sure the 227 is 1890 Euros in both paris and vienna I'm not sure if 226 is indeed 1760 but I think I heard this price tag,that's why I said 'around'.
    on the other hand it shouldn't be more than 1790-1800 Euros I guess:yes:
  10. Percephonie, how much is a 226 in UK? I wish I checked the price for 226 when I was in Paris but I didn't. I'm guessing something like €1700 as well, since my 225 was €1590. Could it be that UK price for 226 you were thinking of was older price? The prices for reissues this year are marked higher than before. If a 226 is really cheaper in UK, that's such a suprise.
  11. ^Sorry I confused the price of the 228 (£1700) with the 227 in the UK that's why it seemed cheaper in Paris! Very silly of me!

    Although I do think the 226 might be slightly cheaper in the UK since it's apparently £1315 over here and €1760 in Paris and according to the exchange rate I used, the Euro is stronger than the Pound at the moment so it gave 1,328.56 GBP. I don't know maybe I'm calculating it wrong?
  12. I-shop, i would like to know it too. could you please PM me?
  13. kelseylili: can't pm you... send me msg k?
  14. hey i-shop, please pm me too? thanks dearie!
  15. hello girls just called paris and failed to find dark red (not in yet i suppose). the prices i was given were:

    226: 1780 euros
    227: 1890 euros
    228: 2030 euros

    please someone post as soon as the dark red lands!