2.55 navy vs red


Navy vs Red (in patent)

  1. Navy with GH

  2. Red with GH

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  1. I have the classic navy patent jumbo. I am going to get the 227 Met purple.
    I wish I can get 2.55 BK in patent(227). But I think only navy and red are available for this season.
    Which one shall I get?

    BTW, it seems like navy/red with GH are only availble in the 226 size. Can anyone confirm it?
    Thank you.:yes:
  2. I forgot the pics..
    Picture18.jpg redchanel.jpg
  3. OMG ~ that's a toughie! ~ possibly the navy ~ b/c the red patent is a little bright for me personally ~ 'tho it is absolutely :love: ~ is there a choice of h/w? ~ b/c you could maybe get the navy with silver h/w ~ but then why would you if you like the gold? ~ i love them both ~ fabulous help aren't i?...............sorry!
  4. Definitely a toughie. I have the blue patent and am planning on getting the red next. A red Chanel seems to be a must. If you dont have a red Chanel, then I'd say go for the red.
  5. Hi

    I would get the red patent as you already have a navy patent. I have the navy patent jumbo too, and am hoping to buy the red this year as it is such a contrast.
  6. I agree with nvchampagne and would get red since you already have a navy. My only caveat is red patent and the color transfer issue that some folks have experienced with their patents. If there is a way to protect the patent from absorbing color transfer from clothes, do so or look for a red that is not patent (which is not always as easy as it sounds).
  7. I love the red patent
  8. red all the way
  9. another red vote here for sure :smile:
  10. As you have a navy already, I vote for the red !!!!
  11. I vote for RED... It's so hotttt :biggrin:
  12. red!
  13. red vote here! LOVE RED! :biggrin:
  14. I think the red in particular looks a bit off on this bag. I voted for the navy.
  15. Even though you already have a navy patent classic jumbo, I voted for the navy reissue. In this particular style and in patent, I personally like the look of the navy much more.