2.55 Metallic Red in size 228

  1. I have reserved under my name a 2.55 metallic red in size 228 in one of the HK Chanel boutiques. If you are interested in the bag, please PM me. I am happy to give you the SA's details.
  2. Miffy - I don't know how to pm you .. do you mind emailing ur SA's contact to me? It's jaime_hii@hotmail.com. Thanks
  3. ^^i remember blkladylaw was really wanted this bag in this size....
  4. She did email me about it!
  5. Miffy, you changed your avatar!
  6. oh that would be one gorgeous bag!
    That is so nice of you to help :smile:
  7. Hi hi
    i am very interested in the red one , where did you buy it ? is it too late to get one ?thx !!
  8. Miffy ~ i'm on a wait list for this bag in both NY & FL, NM...
    they r telling me its the "large" but i think its a 227 sz - $2850...
    is there a larger one?? TIA
  9. Joansie, there is a larger one in Hong Kong...not available in the US
    size 228 the US price for it is $3495 but I believe in Hong Kong pricing it will be $3800 or so....and with possible customs costs and shipping will likely be close to about $4100...about a thousand or more than the 227 size available in the US!!!!

    I also believe the US styles will not be metallic like the Hong Kong bag...but non-metallic....from what I am hearing and seeing in the style numbers

    I want it but this came a lil bit early for my budget....I can't buy anything until later in February. In the US the red isn't supposed to come until closer to March from what I hear.
  10. Yes, there is 228....and it's HUGE!!!!! I look like I am skipping town when I carry it.......:push: But the colour is nice!
  11. And you've changed yours! ;)

    Are you from NY? Will you look after my baby sister for me? She's there too. :flowers:
  12. Is this what you are hearing regarding NM? My SA said the only thing she knew for sure was that she wouldn't have the bag until after the trunk show on Feb 10. This anticipation is killing me!
  13. thanks for posting it~
  14. thank you girls for your info...
    i would just love to see the 2 sizes next to one another! fat chance of that...
    i love "BIG" but don't wish to spend $1,000 more & go thru
    all that red tape...
    SA @ NM described red bag as "crackled calfskin" ...however,
    it's been said over & over that there's only ONE red bag cooming in...some call it metalic...
    is the bigger one different??
    i live in NY too! i'm in long island...
  15. BlkLadyLaw ~ maybe by the time this bag comes in & is available & is shipped/billed it will be late FEB & you can swing it if you truly LOVE it?????
    takes me a while to find a bag i want but then when i love, i truly LOVE!
    for now, i'm lovin this red one but don't want to have false hope of getting one till its in my hands! i'm told each NM is getting 3...at least ones where i'm waitlisted??????