2.55 metallic black or caviar jumbo flap w/new chain?

  1. Well I thought I was a proud new owner of a black caviar jumbo flap with the new chain:smile:


    I saw the post of everyones beautiful 2.55 in metallic black and now I'm thinking maybe I should return my jumbo flap and try to hunt down a 2.55 metallic black.

    What do you all think?

    Also, I cannot afford both. I wish I could:graucho:
  2. Reissue!!
  3. Both are very nice...I hate decisions.....:confused1:
  4. i think the reissue because it is just so beautiful. however, keep in mind that the leather is not as durable as caviar. if you want a low maintenance bag, maybe you should stick with the caviar.
  5. Is it like the lambskin? Do I need to baby it? I have a puppy.
  6. reissue for sure! so stunning, that bag :yes:
  7. Reissue is gorgeous.
  8. How hard do you all think it will be for me to get the metallic black?
  9. reissue!

    are you on waitlists?
  10. I vote reissue also. I think they are just now trickling into stores so you could probably hunt one down.