2.55 in suede?

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  1. Hello, sorry but am such a newbie when it comes to Chanel...

    I wonder if 2.55 is made in suede? I posted one in authenticate this thread, and although it still pending, would like to know whether 2.55 is REALLY made from suede?

  2. The reissue did come in suede if thats what you mean. I saw it in both light and dark brown in the boutique a few seasons ago
  3. :yes:
    I saw one in light brown with ruthenium h/w last November in my local C/b!
  4. Like this....?


    am still trying to get it authenticated in the authenticate this thread, but at least knowing that this style DO exist is a great relief :yahoo:

    It's quite unique looking, right? :love:
  5. this comes up yellowish on my monitor lol!and just my 2 c; why trust e-bay with all those fakes around ? no matter how we might crave for a bag I don't think we should make all those sellers richer IMO even if they sell authentics they surely make the h**k of a profit out of the buyers,esp if the sellers have made it a proffession !IMHO always!

    FYI if you are in Europe I saw it in the b in Vienna,they might still have it you never know!:smile:
  6. LOL, forgive me for not giving credit picture, but it's not from eBay. It's from a small consignment bag store in my town (called www.inhercloset.com).

    Dunno, but somehow knowing this model exists makes me sure it's not a fake. I mean, usually they fake only popular styles, right? In my town, other than a handful of people, noone knows what a mademoiselle lock, let alone if 2.55 is made in suede!! So using that logic I don't think it's a fake (heh heh, am I delusional? :roflmfao:)

    The bag above is $700, granted, with a fading stain in the flap. Do you all think it's quite a good deal? Can the stain be treated?

  7. I'm really sorry floodette that I can't be of any help to you and sound rather disappointing but I only trust the official boutiques! I don't know how the consignment shops really work and I am really afraid to suggest if a bag is authentic or not since I am not working for Chanel!
  8. ^^^ Thanks a lot,chanelspell :tup:

    Heh heh, might better if I check it in Vienna boutique first (if I could sneak there). It must be super interesting, seeing this IRL. Thanks a lot for the advice!!
  9. it's far better than sneaking in other "stores" I guess!
    no need to thank me my advice was for your own good and $$$
  10. yup, i saw the brown or was it maroon one in HK last Oct.
  11. Have not seen one myself but I recall my cousin telling me last year she was admiring one in the display window.

    Not sure if you want to get one that is stained though.
  12. Suede? Hhhhmmm, sounds even scarier than lambskin..... I don't know how they would wear over time....? :s:s
  13. There was a post on this sometime last yr and a tpfer said she has one and no probs so far =)
  14. i would pass on the stained 2.55

    suede is famous for being very hard to take care of. any sort of water drop and there will be an unremoveable stain
  15. hey, thanks a lot for all the kind insights!!
    i decided to pass. although it's such a (stained) beauty.... :love: