2.55 for Fall at NM

  1. It looks like NM is receiving 2.55s for Fall in black and dk silver. Better get on the waiting lists ladys, you know these will go quick.
  2. yes, only in 227 size. Nordstrom will get the 225.
  3. i mean Nordstrom will get the 226 and 227 size. :yes:

  4. does anyone know what sizes and colors SAKS is receiving? Thanks1
  5. Does anyone have a SA email contact at NM so i can waitlist. I am in Australia and it is too hard to call with the time difference?? Please!!!!!!:smile:
  6. Do you know when they will expect shipment? I'm waitlisted at Chanel in NY for the 227.
  7. I saw black with gold hw in size 228 at NM Fashion Island. Leather and hw look exactly like 2005 black with gold chain.
  8. i think saks is only getting the 227 in metallic black... not sure about what size they're getting in the dark silver. they're also getting the black with pearls one.

    please let me know if i am wrong because i would LOVE to get a metallic black 226 from saks.
  9. Sorry if this is a dumb question, but are these 2.55's that NM is expecting the 2.55 RE-ISSUES (in calfskin)?....or are they the CLASSIC FLAPS (in caviar/lambskin with leather-intertwined chain)? I'm so easily confused as the Dk. Silver color now comes in both the 2.55 Reissue (with reissue chain) AND the classic flap (with leather-intertwined chain).
  10. ^^^same question is this the calfskin flaps or the newer version classic strap and mademoiselle lock? Is this black metallic or matte?
  11. When we say 2.55 , we mean the reissue.
  12. :yes:^^ yes!
  13. Is this the normal black calfskin (without the pearl)/metallic black?

    How much is it retail?