2.55 Dark Silver: Classic or Trendy? Be honest.

  1. Visiting from the H blog. Whaddya think? Honest opinions please. I'm just tring to imagine is this bag is still "workable" in my forties/fifties,etcm

    This completely uncharted territory for me. So my apologies in advance.

    Btw, does anyone know how the leather ages over time?

  2. Welcome to the chanel subforum! :heart:

    Personally, I think the dark silver is trendy.. but in a classic shape, so it does take the trendy edge off a bit. I'm in my 20s and I would not get a metallic reissue because I can't see myself reaching for it continuously over the years.. I'm sticking to matte colors for now. The dark silver is really beautiful and a chameleon of a color- one's reaction to the color is very personal, imo. I hope you get a chance to see it in person.
  3. Oh I have seen it! That's the problem. Can't get it out of my head. Normally I'm not a Chanel gurl but this completely swayed me!

    Now tell me, are these bags safe to use everyday? Or are they recommended as special occasion only?
  4. I think the dark silver is beautiful and I am normally not a metallic sort of girl. This is not a flashy metallic, IMO and is done very tastefully. The color is truly chameleon like and that's what I think I love about it.

    I also think it's fine at any age and wouldn't worry about that. If you're still thinking about it, get it!
  5. It's trendy IMO....not really classic....:smile:
  6. Dark silver is very chic. Silver/metallics are trendy now, but silver is also a classic for evenings. I only use mine, a 226, for evenings. In that sense at least, I think it is truly a classic that any age can wear.
  7. If you really like it, go for it. I have the DS reissue in 226 from 07 and it is one of my favorite Chanel pieces. I agree that metallics are trendy now, but the silver color and the classic shape of the purse will make it last.

    Since I only have this bag for about a year, I could not see there is any wear or tear with the leather. It still loooks just like the day when I got it. I use this bag for evening most of the time.
  8. i just got the dark silver 228 and love it. i think the reissue is a classic not matter what color. the dark silver takes on whatever you are wearing. i also have birkins, but this bag is fabulous. I just turned 50 and am planning on working this bag!!! i think you will love it once you get it!!!!
  9. i have the dark silver too, and i am really happy with it. the color is very chameleon-like, and even though metallics are trendy now, i agree with everyone else that silver is classic, as is the shape. i think you should get it - birkins are SO classic, i think it might be a nice change to work in something a little more playful to your repertoire!
  10. I don't think it is trendy cause the shape is so classic.
  11. i love the new dark silver, i compared it with my 07 dark silver and the new one has beautiful true pewter color. it's gorgeous! i really don't think it's too trendy, chanel has released this color (or similar) a few times already and it's not too blingy that makes it too trendy. metallic bags, IMO, are somewhat of a fashion staple!
  12. I jsut got the new silver in a 228 size and while yes, metallics are are bit trendier, the shape is so timeless and this shade of silver is mroe muted and has a pewter undertone to it, i mean if it was good enough for Coco herself 57 years ago, i think it has the passed the "stand the test of time" test!!! With flying colors!
  13. I only have one other 2.55 and that is the old dark gold color which is more of a muted bronze and I plan to get this dark silver color also because I feel it is similarly a neutral and not a loud metallic though would likely use it mostly for an after-five or evening bag. I can see using it some casually also but with the number of bags I have it probably wouldn't be my first choice for carrying to work or running weekend errands (that would be probably my birkin, modern chain Chanel or GST Chanel)....I prefer totes for that. I see no problem with the color for maturer ladies. Considering the cost of bags nowadays I try to only buy bags that I can see myself using for decades and I can see using this one in my 40s 50s 60s...thought it may depend on your own personal style and personality. I think it would be a great neutral and fun classic Chanel addition to an H gals collection.
  14. 23.jpg
    My new 08 DS is on her way. The new and old DS are slightly different. I perfer the 08 version. Classic or Trendy? I think its a bit of both. :heart:
  15. I just got this bag in the 228 size and LOVE it - I don't think it's trendy.