2.55 classic vs reissue

  1. If you already own a classic 2.55 (black w/gold hardware) .... would you also get a reissue? I truly want one in red but not sure if I am just buying the same bag ....
  2. I have several classic flap bags and I am waiting for a silver reissue.I can't stop at just one!:flowers:
  3. I believe that the bags are different enough to make owning both a flap and a reissue not at all owning the same bag. The chains are different -- it makes a significant difference in the way the bag looks on. The leather is different -- flatter on the reissue and more distressed (generally). The clasp is different, and this gives a whole different effect to the bag. And the dimensions are actually somewhat different, between the similar sizes in those two bags.
  4. ^ITA! I think they're different enough to buy both.
  5. I have several classics AND two reissues, so yes, I'd say get it. :smile:
  6. I'd say get it. I have classics and reissue. LOVE them all!
  7. They are different enough to warrant both! The reissue is so gorgeous too and not as stiff as the classic flap. I have three and love them all!!

  8. Luccibag, I just have to say that you have a beautiful collection of handbags. They also look just perfect on you! I was wondering what size reissues you have.....I couldn't tell from the picture. TIA!:yes:
  9. of course you should !

    no doubts about it at all, and in fact eventually you should get another classic double flap :smile:
  10. You will LOVE the Reissue. It's so luxurious! It's my favorite bag in Chanel.
  11. i love the classic much more than the reissue.. i dont know its just a personal preference.. i would love to have every single shade of every single color in the classic caviar chanel bag :smile:
  12. i love mine!
    chanel 2.55 002.jpg
  13. And I love yours too.
  14. does the reissue come in red?
  15. ^ came in bordeux