2.55 classic or jumbo size

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  1. hi beautiful girls!I come from italy(rome)I'M a new member of this forum.. i have a question for you.....

    last week i 've bought a classic chanel bag....but now I dont' know if it's been a good choice...

    do you think it's better the large size(jumbo) or my classic size???

    i's so confused...and i could change it....
    sorry for my english!!!:shrugs:
  2. It totoally depends on your body size and how you plan to use it. M/L size is perfect for events such going out on a date, but jumbo size is roomy and perfect for running some errands as a everyday bag. If you are smaller than 5' and small body build (meaning=skinny), I would recommend M/L size since the jumbo one will be too overwhelming. Check out some pictures of Olsen twin sisters, and you will understand what I mean. I know it is hard decision. That's why I end up with both bags.
  3. i know what you're saying... i'm tall.... 182 cm...and i'm skinny...

    i think the medium one is too classic...:sad:
  4. Ciao Oasisgirl! Welcome to the forum! You come from such a lovely city!

    For the size of your bag, it only depends on what your personal style is, what you feel comfortable with, where you would use the bag (Frequently? During the day? Evening?), and how many items you intend to carry in your bag.

    Both sizes are beautiful, but for me, I prefer the jumbo. You can carry more, and I like the way it looks on me better, even though I am fairly small. (155 cm and 41-42 kg)

    Your English is just fine, by the way!

    Maybe some others will give their opinions!

  5. thanks for your answer,bullet....tha't sweet of you..
    do you think it'better the lambskin or the caviar leather?
    in my opinion , i prefer the lambskin because is more brilliant and fine...
    i'm waiting for your comments...
  6. Ciao Oasisgirl, benvenuta! :yes:
    Do you have the small, medium or large flap? I guess you have the medium?
    Post pics here of you with the bag, we'll glad to help you! Anyway, as already said, do you need a lot of room in your bag or not? Take a look at the practical side! :yes:
  7. Forget to say: both lambskin and caviar are great! But the lambskin is delicate, I mean, it could be scratched by keys or eventually if you pass too close to a wall. I think caviar it's ok for a everyday bag while lambskin is perfect for a special occasion bag as it needs more care.
  8. Hi, Oasisgirl!!

    I have that bag in the M/L size. When I bought it, I actually went in to purchase the bag in the jumbo size, but ofcourse, that particular boutique was out. Now, I am so happy that I didn't get the jumbo, because I think that it would have been too large for me. Like the other ladies said, I guess it all just depends on personal style and how you intend to carry the bag. Now, I bought mine in caviar leather. I do love the finish of the lambskin, but I also knew that I wouldn't be so careful with my purse (lambskin gets marked up very easily). That's always something I consider when making such an investment. Enjoy your bag!!!
  9. If you use public transportation and on the run a lot, stick with the jumbo carviar. Since you are tall, jumbo would look perfect on you. Lambskin looks more attractive, but you have to be quite careful with it. If you normally drive your car to get around, then it might be alright for you to get a lambskin jumbo. I hope this helps.
  10. i don't know how to post the pics of my bag..i have the pics on my pc...could you help me???

    the lambskin is so delicate!
    I'm only looking for the coolest bag between medium size and jumbo size(caviar leather or lambskin).:smile:
    there are no other problems for me!!:blush:
  11. totally depends on you. if the medium size can fit all your stuff, then why not?
  12. Regarding posting pics, can you see on top left hand side, an icon "Post Reply", click on it and then u see a message box where you can make comments. Look for the icon "which looks like a paperclip" where you can see all the icons just above the message box.

    Hope that helps.:heart:
  13. I do prefer jumbo size than med/large as it allows me to carry many items in it. But the size of the med will be smaller. It also depends on your daily use then u can determine what size to get.

    Since you are so tall and skinny, jumbo size looks perfect on you. I'm neither tall and more on the medium size (used to be petite), i still love carrying larger bags which is more practical.

    Caviar will be my choice due to scratch free and i won't be worried over the delicate leather of lambkskin.
  14. this is my classic chanel...

    do I change it or not??!!??
    i love the gold chain...

    and i've seen only the jumbo with the silver chain!!!

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  15. Oooh molte bella! Benvenuta oasisgirl! I like the medium personally. If u like lambsin more and have no issues with scratches, then u should get that.