2.55 Black w/silver Hardware Siting?

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  1. Ok ladies, I'm on the hunt for a Black reissue with silver hardware. Have anyone seen one at their local store? Since all the boutiques in NYC told me they were sold out.

    Any detectives up for the challenge? :search:

    Thanks in advance
  2. Or any 2.55 w/silver hardware.
  3. I purchased mine at Bloomingdale's in Chestnut Hill, MA. Try giving the Chanel there a call. I saw two in the large and the small last week.
  4. thanks, now I got to decide what size I want. you got yourself a badge. :yes:
  5. I saw a medium one (between jumbo and large caviar size) in the Bloomingdales on 59th street in NYC last weekend. Give them a call - the specialist there is Nel and he's really nice. Good luck!
  6. newbie, i did not mean to hijack your post here, but i want one too.
    has anyone seen it at Saks or Nordstrom?
  7. I went to Bloomies at 59th this weekend and they didn't carry it. Not only that but the SA was rude and she said they don't carry the medium size period and don't have silver hardware. But luckily I had good service from a Burberry SA so that made up for it.
    Thanks to handbagaddict one black medium is coming my way soon. :yahoo:

    me_love_purse there is still a small and large available at Chestnut Hill Bloomies. 617-630-6723 ask for Mariana. She wasn't great but she wasn't bad either; she did her job and I'm happy.
  8. I'm really glad that I could help you find one! I really hope you enjoy yours as much I do mine!!!
  9. This forum is great, I love happy endings!
  10. i spoke to mariana before.... she was not too nice IMO. so yeah.... i am not willing to give the comission to her :P
  11. I would recommend Nancy.

  12. Unfortunately I have not seen a black one, and NM did not buy it. But, I saw a gray one with silver hardware which was absolutely GORGEOUS!! I saw it at Saks Fifth Avenue in San Antonio...you should check it out..ask for May or Brandy :smile: