2.55 black super jumbo reissue black gh vs. maxi black caviar sh

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  1. super jumbo is bigger than pricier $3695 vs. 2895. i like the strap on super jumbo(much like the grand shopper). but the maxi looks more casual.

    which one do u like more?
  2. MAXI:yahoo:
  3. Tough choice. I like them both, but I prefer the distressed leather of the Super Jumbo.
  4. It's a tough one, but I think maxi is better
  5. What is the super jumbo......??any pics...I don't remember seeing it!!:heart:H
  6. i don't like the super jumbo -- think it looks like a briefcase.
  7. Thanks "K", I just saw the price.......:faint::heart:H
  8. ooh and sorry, I vote for Maxi too lol.
    So nice to have a brand new bag out that will guarantee lots of fabby stares :biggrin:
  9. Maxi. I'm not a fan of the strap on the super jumbo reissue.
  10. MAXI all the way!
  11. Maxi. I have seen the jumbo irl and don't like it as much as the maxi.
  12. I have tried on the super jumbo and its fab, it lies next to the body very very sleek. LOVE it . I havent seen maxi IRL yet.
  13. ^^^ I agree with sjunky13! I tried on the super square jumbo Reissue in black with gold hw, and it had such an elegant, sleek and slim silhouette. It hugs the body even more than my Pocket in the City flap-tote. If it weren't so expensive, I was going to get one.