2.55 Black Patent vs Classic Black Patent

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  1. I am debating over these two bags. I have a 2.55 Black distress leather from 2005, and am wanting a black patent bag. Should I keep the Black Patent Classic flap with Silver hardware? Or should I exchange it for a 2.55 Black Patent? Gosh, I am torn. I want one black patent bag, but can't have both.
  2. I would go with what size sits you best.... both are gorgeous....in patent, I prefer the reissue.
  3. Exchange it for the distressed patent Jumbo. Price-wise the Jumbo is a lot less than the reissue ($1895 vs. $2375 for a 227 roughly same size).
  4. I also vote for the crackled patent jumbo--I prefer the look of the patent with silver as opposed to the golden hardware of the reissue. Plus the price is a lot better.
  5. Thanks for all the input. The Black patent reissue is too similar to my 2005 2.55 black lambskin reissue (GHW) which I love so much. And with $480 less expensive, I should be very happy with a Black patent Jumbo (SHW). Thanks girls!