2.55 black patent clutch

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  1. Received a few pics of this from Denise at Nordstrom Seattle (so sweet!)...they're a bit dark but thought I'd post them anyway ;)


    MVC-007S.JPG MVC-008S.JPG
  2. oh she is fabby
  3. I just emailed her for the first time, inquiring about a completely different bag!
    But I'm not getting it...I have to start big before I go small :nuts:
  4. wow, its so cute. do you have pic of inside? and dimension? this is clutch and not wallet right? thx you for posting picture...
  5. I did not receive any other information besides the pics...but if you're interested, you should definitely give her a call! It's definitely the clutch, because I was inquiring about the wallet waitlist and she showed this to me as a substitute.
  6. So cute.
  7. that's so cute... haha and it's under $2000!
  8. How pretty!
  9. yea.... be good to know the dimension...but it definately look smaller than a classic clutch...
  10. I saw this bag a month ago in my chanel store, it's gorgeous!
  11. looks amazing!
  12. It's so cute!!!
  13. I like it a lot. I wonder if it holds more than the classic clutch???
  14. I looks to be the same size as the 224 Reissue.. Very Cute!
  15. Ohh, I had and returned this clutch a while back... it's quite small IRL... I think it was only 6 inches across if I remember correctly. :smile: I actually much prefer the classic caviar clutch I just purchased... but it's definitely a cute, small clutch! :smile: