2.5-3.0 carat ladies

  1. How many prongs do you guys have your rings set in? My SO and I particularly like 4 prongs with a very thin band but we're concerned that this isn't enough support for a diamond of this size. I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts on this.
  2. 6 prongs. Im not a fan of 4 prongs anyway but for a stone of that size I think 6-8 is more secure.
  3. Personally, I prefer the 4 prongs. I don't think it's the number of prongs that matter (4 or 6), in terms of security, instead, it's the quality of the setting. If it is done by a reputable jeweler, you should not have any problems, IMO. I like the 4 prongs because it looks cleaner. :smile:
  4. I prefer 4 as well, but wouldn't be comfortable w/ 4 for a diamond that size.
    I'd probably go w/ 5 at least.

    What shape? That could affect it as well.
  5. agree with you.
  6. I love the classic 'tiffany' setting...or a micro pave halo :smile:
  7. You could do 4 if it's the Harry Winston setting, right? That's probably pretty secure...
  8. My 2.5 round has 6 prongs (Tiffany) and my 3.0 emerald has four.....they are all safe and sound!
  9. My diamond is smaller than your range (it's 2.17 carats), but it has four prongs.
  10. I have 4 prongs on a 5 carat. The diamond is a radiant cut and it would not look right with anymore prongs. The key is a good setting and a good jeweler
  11. Mine is radiant too and it has 4 prongs..still snug as a bug.
  12. three and four prongs (depending on the cut) are pretty secure. agree with fleurdelis a good jeweller is key
  13. Thanks ladies! I really like the look of 4 but I certainely dont want to lose the diamond on account of prong preference! I feel much better now :smile:
  14. This might be common knowledge, but the logic is not that 4 isnt strong enough to hold the stone. 4 prongs are plently strong enough to do the job. The `risk` is in the fact that if one prong out of 4 goes or gets broken, the stone can easily fall out. Whereas with 6 prongs, if one gets damaged the diamond will be still br held in by 5.

    So with a big stone, it boils down to risk. Things to minimise this risk are getting regular check ups by the jeweller to make sure prongs are in good order, and getting the best quality setting also.

    So basically, 6 prongs gives more peace of mind while 4 prongs shows that you are happy living on the edge (specifically refering to a large round)!!!:tup:
  15. Mine's a Tiffany 6 prong, but 4 would have been just as good-
    when it's insured then you don't have to worry also.