2/4 - Jomashop exclusive DEAL!!! ROLEX for him!!


Jan 19, 2010
:sunshine:Good morning to all you beautiful tPF members!!!

With Valentine's day around the corner, I know that many of you are looking for that something special to give your sweetie (or something to make your not-so-sweetie..well...sweetier!! :love: Am I allowed to invent words?)

What better than a ROLEX to tell your man you think he is classy, sophisticated, amazing in every way...or could be if he would just get up off the couch from time to time! ;)

From Rolex’s popular and very in demand Submariner line, today's deal straight from the Joma wizards and just for YOU is....

The Rolex Blue Submariner Oyster Bracelet Men’s Watch 116613-BLSO!!!

As you may have guessed, Jomashop already offers the lowest price for this watch online, yet for you and only you the price gets even better!

Retail Price:$10,400.00
Sale Price:$8,944.00

TPF member's ONLY: Take an additional $500 off the final selling price with coupon code: RLXSUBPF:yahoo:

:nuts: TPF selling Price: $8,444.00!!!


But hurry - this deal is for 24 hours only!

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Compare and save:

Amazon – $9795.00

Out of your price range?? No worries, our Joma wizards have worked their Joma magic and made sure you are covered with Deal Two!!!

Bonus Deal:Rolex Explorer II Men’s Watch 16570-BKSO

A close relative of the Submariner, this very popular, hot selling watch is slightly sportier and great for the guy with that active appeal.

Retail Price: $5,925.00
Sale Price: $4,695.00

TPF member's ONLY - Take an additional $200 off the final selling price with coupon code: RLXEXTPF :yahoo:

:nuts:TPF selling Price: $4,495.00!!!

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Compare and save:

Authenticwatches.com: $4875
Neweggmall - $4882.80
Amazon.com - $5,095

Don't forget - one coupon per purchase. We cannot combine coupons with any other offer. Only valid while supplies last. And while these watches may make your man feel more amazing, we cannot promise he will actually be more amazing. Joma Magic only goes so far. ;)


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Mar 31, 2006
The Six
Just want to say that we have the Explorer II and it looks great on BOTH men and women! This is a great deal, thanks JomaGirl! :smile:


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May 23, 2007
I wish I could pick on of these up... just need to hit lotto ;) What a great deal!