2/2 - 2/7 New 10% off coupon given at coach outlet

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  1. Hope this is not a repost, but went to the Hagerstown, MD outlet and they were handing out 10% coupons at the door. THey will continue to do so until Sunday. The SA commented that she was surprised given that they just had the 20% off coupon. Anyway, she told me that this should be at all Coach outlets. Not as good as 20%, but better than nothing.
  2. So I guess they may go back to 10% for awhile!
  3. I wonder if I can get my price adjustment with that!?
  4. 10% seems weird.
  5. I'm spoiled!
    Last year it was amazing when clearance was 50% off the marked price.
    Now, I expect that PLUS a 20% coupon, lol!
  6. 20% is great, but an extra 10% is better than nothing right? :tup:
  7. Think I'll wait till next week to see if a 20% comes out. I have gotten spoiled too!
  8. On Sunday the manager at the outlet I went to gave me the 20% coupon and told me this was the last time they were giving them out so to take advantage...
  9. Lol, sooo true! :P
  10. I was going to post the same thing - I think we all are spoiled.

    the 20% helps alot!!!
  11. Does anyone have confirmation that they wont be doing 20% anymore? Then maybe I will take advantage of the 10%!
  12. I was told 20% will come out presidents day weekend
  13. Thats what I figured. Between that and Valentines Day, I just assumed we'd get one then. OK I'll wait! Thanks crazy!
  14. Yeah, I'm hoping to wail til Valentines or Presidents day weekend for 20%
  15. For the Canadians on here, when is President's day?