2/18 - Jomashop deals to help you find that special item just for you!

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  1. #1 Feb 18, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 19, 2010
    I have to admit, working great JomaMagic looks like some very hard work! Whew! I could get worn out just thinking about it, and I only post the deals! :faint:

    Since I know the Joma Wizards are always trying to conjure up that perfect deal, but they cannot always post the exact item you were hoping for, maybe the following will put a smile on your beautiful face! :smile:

    $30 in Jomashop coupons plus earn a $25 Jomashop gift card!!! :nuts:


    Hop on over to Jomashop.com (click here for your magic broom! :broom:) and sign up for the Jomashop mailing list!

    You will receive notices on exclusive sales, coupons and promotions, and will even get $30 worth of coupons. Nice! :tup:

    Just enter your email in the box on the right side in the middle of the page, and the rest is JomaMagic in your inbox!


    Just fly over to Jomadeals.com and create an account for complete details!

    Plus (yes, there is more!) - Join the Jomadeals e-mail list and be the first to hear about the best deals and prices on the gorgeous luxury goods you love!!! :nuts:

    From watches to jewelry, handbags to accessories and so much more, JomaDeals features three new deals every midnight with incredible savings and the guaranteed lowest prices online!

    Check out some of our amazing past deals here:
    Yes, those JomaWizards must be exhausted at the end of the day!

    But who said that should stop you from celebrating these great deals? Party on! :party:
  2. :tup:
    just curious- is this exclusive for purse forum? or can anyone sign up??
  3. oooohhh I want to buy tag heuer watch for my hubby!!! any upcoming deal?
  4. Will you be increasing your inventory on fendi and gucci bags. I've bought some great bags in the past, but I'm looking for some more designer bags!
  5. Hi to everyone!

    In response to your questions, these deals are for you, your non TPF friends, and everyone else in between. Just a little insider magic to help you find another way to get a great deal on that perfect item you have been waiting for. :smile:

    As far as any Tag deals coming up, unfortunately I do now know of any. But that does not mean there will not be any. Keep an eye out! The deal makers disappear into their cloud of mystery, and when it parts they emerge with the deals. :yahoo:

    As far as particular items being in stock, the inventory does fluxuate. If you see an item that is out of stock, just click on the red button labeled "Product Alerts." You will be registered for the item and as soon as it comes in we will email you and....voila! It is yours! :biggrin:

    I hope this helps!
  6. Just checked out the Jomashop site to browse for more T&Co and noticed it was gone!! What happened???
  7. Jomagirl, where is the Tiffany stuff on the website now? I was looking for the cuff links. They were there last night and now they're gone:sad:
  8. So sorry - we sold out of almost all of our inventory during Valentine's day, so much was removed.
  9. for clarification $30 worth of coupons, does that mean $30 of coupons broken down into 3 $10 coupons or 1 $30 coupon?

    and can the coupons and giftcard be used at the same time?

  10. but... EVERYTHING is gone. I don't mean to sound cynical, but many of those items were up there for months... even the random misc. items.

    Just strikes me as odd for the entire category to disappear without a trace :thinking:
  11. retailers do this ALL the time. My favorite store J. Crew has items avail, but then when it's additional % off the items disappear. Only to reappear after the promo is over :pout:

  12. I knew there was a reasonable explanation. And to think I suspected that you were ordered by Tiffany & Co. to remove their name and all likenesses of their products from your website (thus the conspicuous gaping hole where the "Tiffany & Co." ad used to be) because of selling non-authentic product.
    How stupid of me.
  13. Isn't it kind of weird that one day I was actually looking at some cufflinks and then the next morning, not more than 12 hours later they were sold out and taken of the site? Something just doesn't seem to add up here. And what happened to the daily deals for us from them? The last one they offered was the 18th.
  14. ^^I have seen some individual items disappear... trust me, i checked that site daily several times a day to see if new items would appear (and every few weeks or so, new items did.) The stock would flunctuate from time to time, but some of those items were there since I first started checking the site from back in early December. But for the whole category to just disappear all at once seems off - including the un-valentines like articles (Wasn't there a baby cup under the misc items)?

    Also, I believe some Jomadeals were offered AFTER V-day (the cushion bangle, for example). Sure, that could have sold out, but if they were depleted for V-day, then why was that left?

    You're right, things really don't add up. I just ordered another item a week and a half ago, after a bunch of new stock was listed, and the markings aren't matching up with any others that I've seen. Now i"m absolutely sick to my stomach after all of the $ I've spent there since December :wondering
    Honestly, shopping shouldn't be this stressful... shopping is supposed to make me feel happy, not nauseous.

    If don't have much faith in the explanation - say, if there were some items left, since "much" of the stock was depleted, why were the remaining items not left on the site? Why were jomadeals available after Vday if their stock was depleted? - then it's hard for me to have faith in the product.

    I messaged jomamaster about my concerns on Friday and have yet to receive a response.
  15. I am curious to this as well
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