2/15 - Jomashop 72 Hour GUCCI BLOWOUT!!!

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  1. Good Monday morning to everyone! I hope you had a wonderful Valentine's day! :love:

    For those of you suffering from the post-Valentine's day blues (i.e. why didn't you get that special gift you had been hoping for?) we have an offer just for you that is sure to have you smiling again in no time! :biggrin:

    GUCCI 72 HOUR Post-Valentine's Day BLOWOUT!!!

    Take an ADDITIONAL 10% off ALL Gucci items! :nuts::nuts::nuts:

    You have the next 72 hours to give yourself all the belated gifts you deserve, and save BIG while doing it! :yahoo:

    These items are already priced insanely low, so hurry over to get your extra TPF EXCLUSIVE discount!
    • To view our selection of Gucci watches, click here!
    • To view our selection of Gucci handbgs and other Gucci items, click here!
    And don't forget the coupon code: TPFGCI

    One coupon per purchase. Coupons cannot be combined with any other offer. While supplies last.
  2. Thanks JomaGirl! Can't wait to go take a look :smile:
  3. Thanks for this deal ! :drool:
  4. Off to take a look, Thanks!
  5. Thank you Joma Girl!!
  6. Any time :smile:
  7. thank you!!! :smile:
  8. almost nothing is left! : (
  9. Were you able to find anything you liked?
  10. is this the deal for the twirl watch?
    i already bought mine as i was waiting for too long and couldn't wait!
  11. Awwww I keep trying for you on that Gucci twirl! :smile:

    Did you get the one you ordered?
  12. yes i did :smile:
  13. You won't believe this, but check out today's deal!
  14. i did!