2/1 - Jomashop tPF exclusive - We Need YOU to run today's deal!!

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  1. #1 Feb 1, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 1, 2010
    Good afternoon on another Monday! I hope that everyone had a safe and fun weekend!

    My apologies for taking so long to get today's deals out to you. But I hope that the wait will be well worth it!

    I have been working since the beginning to try and make this forum more interactive with your requests, to make sure that you get the deals that you want. After all...:urock:

    The Joma team has therefore decided to try something a little different today - getting your direct opinion on potential deals before running them!

    Thats right, we need YOU to make today's deal happen!

    Here is the way it works: below are four potential items that Jomashop could run today for tPF member's only.

    We will let YOU vote, and we will let YOU decide which one you would like to see discounted at an amazing price!

    It is all about YOU!!! You and only YOU!!!

    :heart:The one that you love the most is the one that we will post!

    So make sure to vote for which one you LOVE! :love:

    We cannot do this without you today!!

    1. Click here to view potential deal one! A Cartier Roadster Ladies Watch! :nuts:
    2. Click here to view potential deal two! A Michele Tahitian Ladies Watch! :nuts:
    3. Click here to view potential deal three! A Movado Diamond Pink Ladies Watch! :nuts:
    4. Click here to view portential deal four! A Tag Heuer Carrera Ladies Watch! :nuts:
    Don't wait to let us know what you think! The sooner we hear back from enough tPF members, the sooner we can get this deal up and running! :yahoo:

    I can't wait to hear what you all think!

    Attached Files:

  2. Wow, all these are great deals! I saw the Cartier Roadster!! Oh, I wish this is it! Also, with great discounts!!!
  3. Have you thought about making a poll?

    My vote goes for the Tag Heuer Carrera Ladies Watch!
  4. Holly MOLLEE....a Cartier.....LOVE IT~!!
  5. Wow! You are awesome JomaGirl! one more vote for Cartier Roadster !!!
  6. Cartier!
  7. Cartier
  8. cartier!!!!!!!!!
  9. michele!
  10. #10 Feb 1, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 1, 2010
  11. cartier!!!
  12. I would love to say the cartier but It is just sooooooooo out of my price range, even with a humongous discount it would still be sooooooooo out of my price range

    so i vote for the Tag
  13. As much as I lovE the roadster, it's really not in the budget.
    I vote for Tag Carrera
  14. Michele!
  15. Tag!!!!
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