2,000 posts in 2 months, my fingers are tired...

  1. ...I feel like I was just here celebrating the big G, but now that I'm at 2 large...well I'm just tired! :roflmfao:

    At the rate I'm going, I'm going to set some kind of record!
    What can I say, I love all of you too much. :flowers:

    Thanks for putting up with me this short time! :love:
  2. ^I love reading your posts.
  3. Congrats, Candance. I enjoy your posts.
  4. Congrats, candace...love your posts!!
  5. Congrats Candace,love your posts-they always make me smile!!!!!!!!
  6. Jeees! whats your secret ;) - Just kidding!


  7. pshhh... i cant help but read ur post.. theyre everywhere! quit being a tPF hog!! LOL jkjk! I LOVE YOU CANDACE!!! yayyyyy for u!!
  8. My secret is...my fingers can keep up with my brain!!! It's crazy!!!!
    My boss' office is kind of connected to my little cubicle thing and he can hear me typing, and he always laughs and says he wishes he could do that too! And that I should take a typing test to see how many words per minute I can type! I told him that LOLspeak doesn't count for words though :sweatdrop:

  9. LOL you love me!!!!! :jammin:

    Thanks everyone! You're all too sweet. This is such a fun place to laugh with people and also get serious advice!
  10. Wow. I've been here awhile and I'm still way under 500:shame:.

    I guess I enjoy reading more than replying:shrugs:. Congrats on making such a splash.:tup:
  11. lol awww....
  12. I know the feeling... this place it TOTALLY addicting!!!! I just hit 10,000 posts last night.

    At the rate you are going you will be hitting the 10,000 post mark VERY soon.
  13. I'm never going to keep up with you Candace. :biggrin:
  14. LOL way to go, girl! I had 2,000 posts in a little over 2 months, too.... still haven't slowed down! :roflmfao: My boss always comments on how fast I type, too. About 120 wpm in high school keyboarding. I just can't slow down!

    We're all glad you're here, keep it up! :heart:
  15. Congrats!!! :p