1stinfashion.com, authentic?

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  1. Hi Welcome, do not think that web site is authentic bags way to cheap.

    Styledrops.com is an authentic site for Fendi and other bags
  2. Hi Saich2,

    thanks. any other sites you can think of? Not always I can afford high priced Fendi item, sometimes I like to go for previous seasons.
  3. I do not think you will find any authentic previous seasons bags on authentic sites. The only place I can think of is ebay, and if you are looking for a spy of previous seasons they can reach as much as retail or more for rare ones. Their is a quite good Black and Brown spy on ebay at the moment but these are around £600 which is good considering they retail for over £1,120 about $2,300. If I can think of any other places will let you know.
  4. Hi Saich2,

    thank you for your input
  5. Hi,
    please only ask authenticity questions in the Authenticate This! sticky located at the top of each designer Forum.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.