1st year anniversary reveal!!! My new sparkly Tiffany garden!!!

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  1. I now love Fridays even more!!!!

    So I came home from work and we were bickering over some food (we're cheeky, it's lame, it's only Thai green curry instant noodles but it's sold out everywhere and I pretended to hide it in the room) and said I'll swap you with diamonds!!

    That's when he pulled out a Tiffany bag!! Obviously eyes instant lit!! I asked if he went to collect my engagement ring (I sent it in prolonging) and saw a little blue box with ribbon on it!! I was so excited thinking its the bead bracelet I was eyeing, I eye many Tiffany items. But when I shook the box, I instantly knew it was an expensive one or there wouldn't be another box inside to rattle.

    Sorry for long story. Heres my brand new sparkly Tiffany garden diamond necklace. I'm surprised it's in platinum. I love the rose cut diamonds the 1st time i saw it but they kinda look like crystals to me now, am i being ridiculous? Enjoy the pics. I was too excited and ripped the ribbon open before taking photos and I can't tie it back lol
    image-2976290074.jpg image-3227493901.jpg
  2. Yay!! I've been interested in that necklace as well!! Modelling pics please!! CONGRATS!! :smile:
  3. Congratulations on your anniversary akimoto! :tup:

    Your necklace looks beautiful, wear it in good health, how sweet of your DH, isn't he kind!
  4. Wear it and take a picture! Can't wait to see some gorgeous mod pic!!!!
  5. Congrats!!! It's beautiful :smile:

    Please show is some neck shots soon!
  6. Happy anniversary! :smile: It's pretty! Modelling pics please!! :smile:
  7. Thank you all for your kind words, I'm glad I can share my joy here and know you will all appreciate it!

    Modeling pictures up soon, I promise. But first, more shots of the necklace, back view too!

    A question though, do you think rose cut diamonds look like crystals? It's not as sparkly as brilliant cut ones...
    image-1872381103.jpg image-3796925962.jpg image-2571989376.jpg
  8. Ohhh soooo pretty!! No, I don't think rose cut diamonds look like crystals, they just look different from brilliant cut ones.

    But SOOOOO beautiful!!

    Modelling pics, modelling pics!! :popcorn:
  9. Lovely...let's see some modeling pics!!!
  10. Congrats - so pretty!
  11. I managed to take some crappy iPhone pics before heading out just now. So as promised...
    image-2510758753.jpg image-3480353284.jpg image-1492779157.jpg image-1942622913.jpg
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  13. Thank you, you're so sweet! :smile: I do love the rose cut, I think it's so unique. I just don't want ppl telling me, " oh what a lovely Swarovski necklace.." I'd pounce on them! Lol no, just kidding. *no offense* to anyone, I have several swarovski pieces and I like them too but when a diamond is a diamond, don't tell me it's a crystal lol.. Omg.. I don't mean to sound like a snob...
  14. Waauw, it's gorgeous! Looks really pretty on you!

    And happy anniversary!!
  15. Gorgeous !!!!! Congrats, wear it in good health! :smile: