1st Victoria Beckam for MJ ad!

  1. [​IMG]
  2. Oh no, that's soooo freakish, I'd have to say.
  3. What the heck? How do we know that's really Posh? LOL!!
  4. :shrugs:
  5. This persons legs seem to "chubby" to be Posh! I mean, considering how toothpick-like her whole frame is...!
  6. Chubby? :nogood:

    I love this ad. I think it's hilarious and will draw a lot of attention to the brand.
  7. The more I look at that ad, the more it reminds me of the Wicked Witch's legs sticking out from under Dorothy's house. LOL! :biggrin:

    And just for the record, I really like Victoria. I don't think she's like the Wicked Witch. :p
  8. I have to say, I gave a weird look when I saw this..but it is definitely unique and it highlights the shoes. That was the point,wasn't it? Those shoes are so cool too, I think!
  9. those are definitely not posh's legs!
  10. Whoa.
    That is a pretty sweet ad. Really weird, perfect to highlight those odd yet cool shoes. I agree that it doesn't look like VB's legs either... and I would think they'd want to show her face since she's so famous. Although I think from that angle anyone's legs would look hideous.
  11. Reminded me that I need to make my GYN appointment. Love the shoes though!
  12. OK, that just made me blow coffe out of my nose. That's funny!! :lol:
  13. hmmmmmm...kind of odd
  14. Hmmm looks a bit weird...

    I would have figured Posh would have nicer legs. :confused1: