1st vernis bag; Bedford or Brentwood?

  1. After I sell a few b-bags, I want to purchase my first Vernis piece. I tried on both the bedford and the brentwood when I was at the LV boutique in Seattle last week. I *almost* walked out with the brentwood in Pomm d'Amour but was not ready to commit (I am still on the fence between framboise and the red).

    If you had to choose between the two, what would you go for? I am really at a loss as to what to get. In a perfect world I would get one in each color. :graucho:

  2. hmm... tough choice. i like both, but i would choose the bedford first. both framboise and pomme d'amour are gorgeous colors... can't really go wrong with either choice.
  3. I would choose the Brentwood over the Bedford for the size and versatility. The color I would choose the Framboise because I like pink. Pomme d'amour is beautiful, since I'm a bit shy. I like it in smaller items.
  4. BRENTWOOD!!! it is gorgeous! I found the bedford hard to get in and out of and the brentwood would be easier to find things in. plus, it is to die for.
  5. Brentwood, seems easier to deal with and I'm not a fan of how the Bedford can patina.
  6. pom brentwood!
  7. my first Vernis bag was a Bedford (and so was my second :lol:). it looks so pretty in the Vernis colors
  8. Another vote for Brentwood! : )
  9. Either bag is great I would choose the framboise color as it is discontinued and the pomme will be around longer. Perhaps you can get a piece in that shade later!
  10. Bedford..I just adore the shape..
  11. I would go brentwood in pomme :smile: Good luck with your choice!
  12. Really tough choice!!! But I'd choose the Brentwood. ;)
  13. I just received my Bedford in Framboise, and I love it! It is so pretty.....
  14. brentwood for me also ;)
  15. I love the shape of the Bedford but Brentwood is probably more practical. Sorry, I am not help here. :sweatdrop: For the color, I would choose Pomme anytime. It is TDF. :love: