1st Trip to Chanel Preparation!

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  1. I will be going to my first Chanel Boutique when I am on a business trip next week. :yes: I am hoping that I can get over my bag slump there! I really would love to come out of there with a tote or very roomy shoulder bag, nothing too bulky or too small that's not too flashy (for my conservative work) or too boring. Price limit around 2-3K. I won't have too long to shop, can anyone please offer any suggestions for must sees?! Thanks!!
  2. Enjoy your first visit to Chanel! It will be so much fun! I would recommend the Cerf tote. It is very classy and elegant looking. It is plain leather with 2 small Gold cc's. If you turn the CC's in facing you, no one would know that the bag is Chanel...but you! That is how subtle it is. It is roomy enough for papers and files....yet has zippered compartments for security. It also has a center detachable pouch for other items. The straps will fit on the shoulder without a coat, but it also comes with a longer shoulder strap for those times when hand-held is not convenient. Let us know what you decide to get!
  3. OH man! As long as they have some decent stock of F/W items you should have NO problems finding a bag in that price rabge!!!
    This season is FULL of awesome bags!
  4. ITA about the Cerf - it comes in 2 sizes, and is very professional looking and discrete. I love it! It would be great for work, and comes in black, brown and white, and I even saw a funky python one if you want a bit more edge. The 2 sizes are priced at around $1700-$1900 US.

    That's the one I would go for too in your case... the other Chanel totes might be a bit too "logo-ey" for a work setting.
  5. ^The python one in her price range isn't very big. The python closer to the Cerf's size is between $13-14k!
  6. Go for the cerf in black! It's the perfect sized bag for active work days. :yes: