1st timer in need of help =)

  1. HI!! I usually hang around the LV forum but I think I need something else besides LV in my collection. I looked around and found this messenger.... does anyone have any info on it? I thought the price was great!!

  2. Hi Mike, did you find that under gucci.com? i found the link on it there, http://www.gucci.com/us/us-english/us/fall-winter-07/luggage/#169935_FCI5X_1073 I have not seen it in person, but the description is gucci gg plus material. It's a coated canvas, so the durability on it will be great!!! It's a good looking bag. You mentioned your a LV person... well im a gucci girl and resort to LV when i feel like i need something else :p
  3. ^^ Yeah, I'm an LV person but I think I need to explore what else is out there =) I will always love LV but gucci seems to have better prices sometimes lol... I think im going to pick this bag up soon, maybe after xmas =)

    Thanks for all your help
  4. i love the messenger bag!!! Merry Christmas and congratulations if you've already purchased the bag. :p
  5. =( not yet, but I'm really considering this over the LV I was going to get... I will post if I get this =)
  6. Nice bag. Let us know what you decide.
  7. Yeah my Father carries this bag, really functional, fits his laptop in and other paperwork and whatever else. For the price, it is a STEAL! As already said, durability is not an issue, the coated canvas is perfect against spills etc.