1st time using Sapphire. Took her from Alabama to Washington


Apr 30, 2014
Hi. I took my new to me 2008 Sapphire out for the first time this week. We traveled from Birmingham, Alabama to Seattle Washington together. I'm a salesman and travel often. I'll share some photos for everyone. I love the bag and the leather. This is my first time carrying the giant hardware 21 and I can feel the difference in the weight of bag compared to my other city that's GSH 12. This is my favorite Balenciaga handbag so far... I love the color.

Thanks for letting me share.

At airport:


London 411

Aug 1, 2009
What a gorgeous bag!

I was looking for a Sapphire for months before I found mine...she is on her way to me now!

Seattle? I was just there visiting my daughter! If I saw you walking down the street with that bag I probably would have fainted right there!!:faint: