1st time posting and bbag buyer

  1. hello everyone,

    just wanted get some feedback of my own - you all seem so helpful!

    i have just purchased my first bbag - an ink city (apparently the only one left in canada) and am wondering how this new leather and colour wears with use? this bag has a bit of distressing (i've seen more, i've seen less) and i absolutely love the colour - its so versatile! i know its only been around for a few months but if any of you could let me know your experience, it would be greatly appreciated. also, is there anything i can i do to condition the leather and perhaps tone down the distressing a bit (or is this a big no-no?).

    looking forward to your help on this!
  2. Welcome! I have the ink city as well, and just love this bag! According to Bal NY- the leather will get softer with wear. I am not sure of the distressing, although most leathers will show more distressing with use. Think of the distressing as giving the bag more character.
  3. Did you buy it at Holt's Yorkdale? Or was it sent to another Holt's from Yorkdale? If so, you can thank me;) Just kidding, but it was me that returned it last week.
  4. Totally OT: but I love Holt's at Yorkdale. Everytime I go to Toronto to visit my in-laws, I always make them take me there and to Yorkville in the summer!
  5. Yorkville is great during the summer! Some fantastic patios, great for people watching! Holt's Yorkdale is IMO the best one we have, the main Bloor Street store is great, but too big for me, I do love their purse section but the rest is a bit overwelming.
  6. there is some veining but its not a really pronounced white. i can live with it but i guess i can't help but long for the old leather. i've heard the rumour that Bal might return to it for the fall but i don't think the new blue (bleu roi, i believe) is going to do anything for me.
  7. Last I heard, the old leather return was just a rumor, and Bal NY has said that Bal is not returning to the older leather. At least not for Fall 2006. Don't fret though, the current colors are so beautiful in their own right. I am sure you will love them!!! IMO, I like the ink more than the swatch of the blue roi.
  8. I have the ink city too (thanks to La Vanguardia) and I LOVE IT! I've only used it a few times, but so far, it holds a lot and looks great with whatever I wear. I do hear that with time, it gets softer, and that will definitely add a personal flavor to it :smile:
  9. well, i called Bal NY this afternoon and spoke to joseph (thanks special k) who found me another ink city that he handpicked himself. i figured it was worth the effort as it is cheaper to purchase and ship from the states. i know that he has chosen bags for a lot of happy PF members and so i trust his taste. he also told me that even the "shinier" bags will eventually loose their sheen with regular wear and natural exposure to the elements (rain, snow etc.) i can't wait to receive it - thanks for all your posts!
  10. ^^ That's what I was going to say! That the shine is supposed to fade a bit over time. I have been using my ink City for a few weeks (two? three?) now and I just love it!
  11. ^^ Yay! Joseph picked me out a great bag, I hope he gets you a beautiful one too! Post pics when you get it :biggrin:
  12. although my computer skills are suspect at best, i will try to do so. thanks for the positive vibes.
  13. I spoke w/ Joseph for the 1st time on the phone today and he's really a great SA. I'm definitely going to continue asking for him.
  14. Yep,
    Josheph is great. He is the only one I like to deal with there:biggrin: