1st time on ebay - I BINed then what?

  1. Hi! I just BINed yesterday on a Chanel bag. It is my FIRST time using eBay and well..what do I do now? Do I contact the seller or she will contact me with the shipping details? And fyi, this is the seller that told me that she thought about increasing the price of the bag since she said she underestimated the value. I bought the bag 6 hours after she emailed that note (i suppose she didn't increase the price after all..) I already paid $650 thru paypal with my CC. I'm already worried about getting scammed...should I be concerned that she hasnt contacted me yet?

  2. I would not worry just yet. A lot of times, sellers don't contact you w/ any info and you just receive your package in the mail. Others, the seller sends you an automated email, or they might even personally send you an email, depending on how many things they sell. I would give the seller a couple days. Usually what I do, is wait a day or 2, and then email asking if they've shipped or not. Usually the seller will respond to that.
  3. Just wait and give it a week. Some sellers will let you know what's going on and others don't tell you a thing.
  4. I wouldn't hesitate to send an email to her asking if she received your payment ok and if she could provide shipping info.

    Remember You are the customer.

  5. ITA! :yes: You are entitled to know when item ships.
  6. I agree! Many sellers just sell so much stuff they can't email everyone. But, I bet if you email her, she'll give you the details! good luck! :yes:
  7. Thank you so much, everyone! I really appreciate it..it turns out she sent me an email and said that she will mail out the handbag tomorrow =) i hope all goes well with my first purchase!