1st time! need opinion on ebay chanel!

  1. Hi everyone! this is my 1st time posting...just wondering which chanel (if you think it is real) this is...it appears to be similar to the GST but the inner pocket is different and the ccs on the outside are smaller...
    what do all you experts think? :smile:

    thanks so much.
  2. wow shows how new i am!! i forgot to post the link!

    here it is:
    ok for some reason i cant get it to copy to this screen...

    its by seller kamaoles and the item number is 170093568995

    if you have time to check it out, id appreiciate it!
    thanks again

  3. To verify authenticity please post in our Authenticate This! sticky provided in the Chanel Shopping Forum.
    I think it's referred to as the Timeless Classic Tote.