1st time LV Buyer!! Looking for gift for Mom!

  1. :smile:HI

    I am looking for the perfect bag for my mom's birthday!

    But I don't know what to buy, she has 4 boys, and when i was searching this site came up and you guys look the most helpful!


    PS: price doesn't matter!:smile:
  2. What a thoughtful gift! How about the Speedy 30 in Monogram Canvas? It's an everyday kind of bag and practical enough for a busy Mom, and an absolute classic. Everytime she looks at it she'll remember your kindness.
  3. thx

    I will try that bag but I dont know if she is an arm bag kind of girl :confused1:
  4. I would go with the batignolles horizontal or the batignolles vertical! They are both great bags!
  5. thanks
  6. I think something suhali would be great. As she`s a busy mom she deserves a good, classic, high quality bag. Like lockit or L`ingenieux. Or nomade lockit.
  7. Lockit would be good.