1st time I got annoyed with "commoness" of speedy

  1. So yesterday I was at the school in my town registering my daughter for kindergarten. I plopped my mono speedy on the table and sat down to fill out tons of paperwork. Another mother walks in .....comes over next to me....and plops her mono speedy down next to me! I look around....and see TWO OTHER WOMEN with mono speedys at another table!! Wth?? This has never happened to me before. I seldom see LV out in this little town that I live in. Ugh. Just had to vent. I usually like seeing LV's and enjoy it but this was a little ridiculous!
  2. I am with you... I rarely carry my mono and damier speedies for this reason. I still enjoy my LE speedies (mirage, dentelle) and my neo. I thought about selling my mono and damier speedies but have decided to save them for my tween age daughter when she gets older.
  3. hehheh....maybe should do SPECIAL ORDER for a speedy to stand out from the crowd. :graucho::yes:
  4. i share the same sentiments... eventhough speedy is the classic LV bag, it isnt one of my favorites anymore since a lot of people carry them around already. although i love it, i seldom use it because of it's commoness:crybaby:
  5. I totally understand. That's why I don't buy any of the permanent lines anymore. I only go for LE or seasonal items especially the runway bags. I don't like toting around a bag that everybody else has. I want my bag to be special. The Speedy bags I have are the Monogram Mirage Noir and the grey Denim Patchwork which are not commonly seen.

    I also got the black and white MC Speedy when they were LE items. But I don't want to carry them anymore because they are no longer limited and you see so many people carrying them now. What a bummer :sad:!
  6. Yeah, i totally know what ya mean... the mall near me it's a speedy mono paradise. it's like, the standard bag. i love my mono speedy and and proud of it of course but i dunno...i feel a little less unique carrying it. i havent carried it in like...a verrry long time, lol. aww poor speedy - but hey (insert plus side lol), i take it when it drizzles a bit and i want a lv w/ me cause the handles are dark and rain doesnt really affect it negatively anymore! :yes:
  7. I know, I know...I was on line to pay for something at a dept store and of course someone on line had one (mono). It is so true. But just think that you see so many wearing it simply because it IS a great bag and always looks great. Everyone wears it differently. All that matters is that the bag works for you and you feel good wearing it. It really is the one bag I never tire of or think of selling. It's a staple (like the Little Black Dress):yes:
  8. Wow! That's crazy!
    I think I can safely buy a Speedy because you rarely see any LV around here. The only LV I've seen in weeks was an Azur Speedy (next to a couple of fake white MC PTI wallets I've seen at my school...YUCK!).
  9. Im starting to see more and more authentic LV in my city, so ive been carrying my mono speedy alot less, its like "washed out" for me now cus its so common ...but I never see damier here so I just carry my damier speedy more!

  10. I agree. It IS very common but that's because it's such a classic and cute bag! Though a lot of ppl have the speedy, they somehow look different to me. Some sag more, some have darker handles, some are bigger..etc.
  11. I totally understand you.
    Here in Italy (or rather in Veneto, the region where I live, but not only here) mono Speedy is the most common LV bag..you can see TONS of Speedys through the streets, both authentic and fakes. It seems that Speedy has become the bag that define a status and that everyone is following the bunch..like a sort of flattening.. :tdown:

    Damier Speedy is far less common than mono Speedy.. Maybe this is the reason why I would never get a mono Speedy but I would immediately get a Damier Speedy??? :whistle:
    (It's on my wishlist but don't tell everyone.. ssshhhhhhhh.. :angel:)
  12. I honestly don't see speedies very often. I see a lot of fakes in different styles. It would irk me a little to see a bunch of the same bag as mine and I was prepared for this to happen with the speedy but it hasn't.
  13. I agree with above poster think of the speed as a "little black dress"
    I use mine all the time and love her to death
  14. Do you guys ever wonder if some of those speedy bags are fake? I'm pretty sure a lot of them are. But still I know what you mean by the commoness of the Speedys
  15. It is slightly different here. Neverful is THE common bag. Almost everyone seemed to own a piece of Neverful.

    I was waiting for my bf to pick me up last week. In my short 10 minutes wait, I have seen 3-4 Neverful walking past me.