1st Time Buyer Needs Help

  1. Hello everyone and might I say this is a GREAT site! I'm a bag addict if anything.

    I've finally narrowed down to the Day bag after pros and cons with the City and Work..(it came down to size and functionality.. I've read all about the *black hole* and it's no problem) and now I am deciding between color..

    "white/black damask vs. emeraude"

    I already have a green leather Prada bauletto. Is it silly to drop down lotz of cash for another bag in a simliar color?.. Any problems with the black/white stripe damask material?

    Advice, please?
  2. Hi zash! Welcome to Balenciaga! IMHO, for your first B-bag, you should go for the leather, because that is what makes these bags so special. If you are a green lover, do check out the sapin - it is a very pretty pine green and the ones that I saw had great leather.
  3. Welcome, Zashi!!! A fellow Sanrio fan!:yahoo: 100% Pure Pig! lol! I looove Zashikibuta!!!:heart: Ok, back on topic...lol! Is the Prada green very similar to the Emerald? If it is, I agree with Smallfry, maybe you can try out the Fall 06 Sapin/Forest Green color. The leather seems to be consistently thick and lovely and the color is gorgeous! Someone posted pics a beautiful Sapin City earlier. Definitely check them out---stunning!:tender:
  4. Hi Zash!

    OMG, that is so funny--Pupster and I are probably the few that actually know your handle's meaning. =) Am also a big fan of the little pig! My daughter now has all my old Sanrio stuffed animals in her room.

    Re: your bag-you may get more use out of the Black/White just because of the neutrality of the colors, but I'm not sure how the damask would hold up. I really love the black/white stripe damask b/c it's so different, but the fabric holds me back. Emeraude is gorgeous, but if you already have a green bag...may be worth while to go with something different.
  5. i would also say you have to get the leather.. it's worth the price & you have to feel the b-bags leather :P
  6. Thank you everyone for you advice! This helps. I'm narrowing it down, and I will definitely check out the leather B-bags esp since it will be my first!...Oh what a tough decision!!

    btw, orchids and pupsterpurse, I just adored the fact that Zashikibuta was a pig who lives in the French country side..lol..