1st time bag shopping with fiance...

  1. So I'm relatively new to this handbag obessison, and my fiance has been pretty traumatized with my recent spending habits, but he's been weathering it fairly well. So as to not disturb the boy TOO much, I tend to keep my shopping on the quieter side and expose him to them slowly :biggrin: . However, today, we ended up at Saks and I decided to go ahead and take him for a spin around the handbag section, initiating a virgin so to speak. I went rather quickly, hitting the key spots, Chloe, Chanel, Ferragamo, MJ, BV, Dior, Gucci, careful to not linger too long as to put him into shock, but long enough for him to absorb a little. As we left the store without a purchase, he turned to me and said "Man, I get it now. Each of these bags are like a piece of art. I look at some of them and think yuck, but then I see someone pass by wearing it and it looks awesome on them. I can see why you would want a nice well rounded collection so you can coordinate with your clothes and look polished. You must need at least 10, if not more."

    I literally stopped dead in my tracks and stared at him in the middle of the Galleria with my mouth wide open :amazed: . Then I hugged him and gave him a big fat kiss and told him he was the best fiance EVER. :biggrin:

    LADIES, this is from a guy who wears the same ratty shrts and t-shirt everyday after work, who doesn't rotate out of his 3 shirts a week for work unless I physically put them out for him, someone who wouldn't know a designer if he was smacked across the face with it. I swear, you think you know someone after 9 years of being together and then they'll just really surprise you, and in the best way possible:love:

  2. I FREAKIN love him!!!!! You found yourself a keeper!
    My husband had an epiphany a few months ago. We were sitting and out of the blue he said "Bags and Fashion are like your sports." I said yep! And lately he has been much more accepting. Its great when our men can at least respect our passions!!

  3. I just fell off my chair. Please, someone pinch me! YOU ARE ONE LUCKY GIRL!!! Hug him, cherish him and DON"T LET THIS ONE GO!!!! My DH thinks I have some incurable disease and bribes me to do things by saying I can get a birkin next year (keep in mind he is saying this like someone dangling a carrot in front of a donkey laughing his ass off!) But it my obsession does provide a lot of humor around my home.
  4. That is just too cute, I'm glad that your finance gets it, and you know, even if he didn't, he was at least willing to give shopping together a try. I'm sure you'll have a very happy future. ;)
  5. Wow, I'm still waiting for mine to get it. :smile:
  6. that's sooo cute! my DH first saw it as just an obsession, some phase i'll grow out of it a month or so. until i brought him to the LV store. he even fell in love with some of the man bags. haha.
  7. Awwww so cute!! ;)

    My boy isn't into shopping like I am and he doesn't understand most of them (lol). But he recently told me that he gave up on trying to understand it and now accepts it as something that is part of who I am.

    I hope he gets purses one day! ;) He is starting to understand shoes because I buy them like every other week at NM lol.
  8. aww, that's adorable. He's a keeper
  9. Holy cow!!! That guy's a keeper. My DH who is otherwise wonderful is mega cheap when it comes to clothes and accessories. The only thing he'll consider spending top dollar for is "home entertainment system."
  10. :oh:

    . . .I think your man and my man need to have a little chat. Enlighten mine, lol!
  11. definitely a keeper. My DH doesnt mind the shopping sprees to the LV boutiques...he soo great and your guy sounds like that too...
  12. Too cute, how lucky you are. My DH is pretty good. He now thinks I should only buy LV. I love their monogram and usually buy one a year. He did not get it when I bought a the Fendi chef bag for Christmas. I just thought it was a neat soft bag and I really like it but do think a LV denim bag would have been better. I wanted to branch out. I bought the Mulberry Phobe from Italy on sale (that big sale that was posted on the board-forget the name of the store) and the bag is nice but I still think LV is my favorite and really am going to try to hink at the pink denim LV for mothers day.
    I hope your fiance has many more fun shopping experiences with you-maybe he will help you pick out your next bag.
  13. That is cute! I"m glad he understands the latest addiction and WANTS you to get more!!

    My bf finally "gets it" but he isn't ponying up the money just yet...we're working on that part. He understands the need to have multiples, and sometimes he can even rationalize the very high price tagged bags I lust over, and he even encouraged me to buy my Balenciaga...but so far his hasn't been able to bring himself to spend over $500 on one for me, I guess it is a lot easier for him to encourage and accept when it isn't his money...yet! :biggrin:
  14. yes, yes ! I've been explaining to my bf how me and bags is like him and cars. He's way more accepting of it now.
  15. Yes! He gets it! Don't let him get away ;)