1st time 2 visit a boutique that sells B bags! (OoOo the feeling!!)

  1. :sweatdrop: just made time to write this down!!

    First time Imprission..:love:
    Girlz I just wanna share my obsession!! And great big thank you all here in TPF for introducing me to the lovely Balenciaga world!!

    I took my new white city to my short vacation a week and a half ago in Bahrain. And girlz.. I cant really describe how much I LOVE this bag from the bottom of my heart!! God and its like getting more gorgeous each day!!

    The size is AMAZING. And the design is just so practical yet still stylish and.. everything else (color.. leather..) is pure yummy!!
    Just the right amount of everything.. Ladiesh when carried on the crock of the arm.. And so young carried on shoulder.. What to say!!?

    Spottings? <<I just stayed there for 5 nights! :rolleyes:
    I saw one lady carrying a garnet city.. and it looked beautiful I must say!

    Any B Bags around?!! :nuts: :yes: :yahoo:
    I went to (Al Aali) mall there.. and there was this small boutique Sacoche -the name is referred to here in TPF (in the thread that lists B bags sellers). I just didn’t know the exact address till I saw it and went CRAZY!
    They had B Bags!! Yikes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And Chloe and some other brands as well.

    Here is their number & fax if anyone is near Bahrain and was looking for either B Bags or Chloes. (00973 17587874 or 00973 17694747)
    By the way both SA's there are extremely nice!! One welcomed me so much and showed me the new swatches!! She said her favorite was French Blue while the customers keep commenting on the vert d'eau swatch.

    I tried for the very first time!! :jammin:
    Part Time: was AMAZING. I loved it so much!! And it was in camel color I believe.

    Box: I fell in love with it!!

    Twiggy: Didn’t look good on me! And I didn’t like its style (though I really wanted to love it!)

    Work: mmm the least one I liked!

    I think I saw a day as well.. but didn’t try it. While I didn’t see a weekender.

    And I fell in love with a caramel mini coin purse!! So cute!

    Conclusion :flowers:
    I visited that shop twice.. I didn’t get anything as I just got my white city.. But now I am really really considering my next B Bag!!

    Oh girlz I so love my bag!! I can almost scream!! LoooooooooooL and its really nice to look at or hug when u are feeling down at work!!

    Just wanted to share the experience.. You are the only ones who know how it feels!! ​
  2. I am so happy for you good that you exchanged it and that you're so much in love with your bag.
    It's great to go to the shop and try them on. I think much more fun than ordering, but you cannot always choose.
    So what's next ?:P
  3. thank you catcat :love:
    mmmm cant decide between a roullie or a griege!
    i am afraid roullie will be too orangy! while i am afraid griege will be too beijie!
    i didnt get to see them at the boutique.. so :shrugs:
    i saw IRL when i was there.. RV, camel, white, blue, sapin (i belive it was sapin).. and truff i believe.. :heart:
  4. Awww sounds like you really had fun trying all the BBags! The best thing to do is try all the different styles on so you know which works best for you! Can't wait to see what your next purchase will be...thanks for sharing your experience :flowers:
  5. BTW the Greige is such a great colour IMO. I have just bought the purse in greige and it goes with everything in my wardrobe!;)
  6. thanks sweetie for your lovely comment.. i got so:huh:O:huh:o excited trying them one after another:yahoo: that my white city got so jelious :P
    oh greige purse :drool: dont tempt me :lol: thanks for the input dear :smile:
  7. I think I would go for rouille because greige is also a light color and rouille is a lot warmer, it's like a very nice orangebrown. But for shure there is orange in rouille, but it doesn't scream.
    Now that's just my humble opinion.:graucho:
  8. hmmm i was kind of hoping for a tomato color! u know not deep red.. yet not orange.. :rolleyes:
    thanks for the input sweet catcat :love:
  9. Tomatoes in France are deep red...or they are not ripe :P .
    So you want an unripe tomatobag, hmmm :lol: . Just kidding no rouille actually meens rust it's more like pumkin but a bit more brown I would say.
  10. lO:huh::huh:l oh u read my mind! yes indeed i was thinking of an unripe tomamto :lol:
    by the way i must declare i have been accused more than once of being color blind! :crybaby:
    but i am sure i am not that bad! :angel: <<except for that time i said the bluose was pale pink while it was grey! :Push:
  11. sounds like a great experience! :yahoo:
    i would say go for rouille!
  12. Vanilla, you sound just like me when I visit a b-bag store!
    Glad you're enjoying your white City.
  13. seahorseinstripes thank you sweetie :flowers:

    thanks dear Bal bag Blonde:flowers: .. i was walking in the mall just woundering around.. until my eyes hit a B Bag in the display of a little boutique like 20 steps away from me.. then i went from slow motion bored.. to running like beeb beeb road runner!!!! loooooooool :sweatdrop:
  14. Ah yes I still feel like this everyday. :girlsigh:

    Sounds like you had a great vacation and your white city sounds TDF!
  15. I'm SO glad I'm not the only one who hugs and pets her Bbags! I feel like such a dork when I do it, but it does make me smile. :shame:

    vanilla_addict, sounds like the beginning of a long and wonderful love affair!