1st Speedy 30 Mono or Mini Lin


1st Speedy Ever, which one???

  1. Mono Speedy 30?

  2. Mini Lin Speedy 30

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  1. I gave up on my Speedy 25, now that I'm taking the new commuter train from my small town into work, I could use a Speedy 30 to put my smaller bags (pochettes, alma pm, etc, in); loved the Mini Lin 30; but now I'm thinking I should go for just plain ole mono... especially after seeing the recent modeling pics from, you know...

    Anyway, this is my first poll, so I'll see if it works...

    Thanks for your input;)
  2. I think most people are going to say mono since it is the "classic LV" but I really love my mini lin speedy and no longer want to worry about vachetta/patina issues! :smile:
  3. Thanks lvmhgirl... I love the mini lin too! Itsa very tough decision...thank you!
  4. I'm wondering if mono is a better choice with vernis accessories, would mini lin have a tendence to color transfer onto perle vernis (like for example???), and mono might be safer...??? not sure...
  5. vs the mini lin, i will go for the mono.
    but actually after i purchased my mono speedy I second guess my decision and now i want the epi speedy.

    just because everytime i use my mono speedy it seems like everyone else is using it in the same store.
  6. Mono Lin! Especially with all your Gorgeous Vernis pieces. Reminds me of decadent chocolate cake with marshallow or raspberry centers. :love:
  7. Whoever could you be referring to? ;)

    I actually voted mini lin bec. of the vachetta issue since this would be an everyday work bag for you. If you really prefer mono I would get a tote type bag this way you don't have to worry about the handles. I love the min lin speedy and was just checking it out last night but couldn't get it bec. fabric bags wouldn't be as durable for me as the mono canvas since I have 3 small kids.

    When I had a gucci jackie my oldest got a bit of mud from his sneaker on the fabric as he climbed on the seat in the car that the bag was sitting on. I realized then that fabric bags don't match my lifestyle at the moment.
    GL in your decision and have fun shopping and I'm flattered you like the way my mono speedy looks on me, :smile:
  8. Out of the two, I would choose the mono speedy. I do want to put in a plug for the epi though! I love it!
  9. Out of your suggestions, I'd get the Mono... But I like Damier and Epi better :yes:

  10. You??!!! have 3 kids,, I'm choking on my coffee.... wow. Thanks for all the info, I think you and pinki are right about the mini lin!!! I love it!!! And, it will be a commuter bag, so will be dragging it all around trains, buses, and it needs to house all the strawberry and vanilla gooey centers!!!

    YUM! :love: Thanks speedydelivery and pinki,,, youse guys are the best! Enjoy your babypap and new speedy ... they are to die for,,, you wear them very well!:wlae:
  11. i'd say the Mini Lin, because the Monogram is much too common and overrated, not to mentioned faked to death
  12. Thanks Yeux! I value your opinion very highly... tanks! And, you're right, faked to death is the truth...
  13. Geez...This a tough one for me!! I believe my fav. speedy IS a tie between ML & Mono, Azur...catching up close behind..

    With that in mind....

    Mono: 1) For it's being a LV Classic speedy!!:love: LOVE LOVE! 2) a MUST have Speedy (IMO). But...vachetta worries. So gotta be careful. Btw, Mono is my Fav LV Line!!

    ML: 1) It is sooo different from ALL the other Speedies...1) the material: sets it from the rest...the feel, the look..2) the color: deep dark brown yummy color, mini LVs...beautiful! 3) the leather: dark handles, leather tabs, etc. no worries!! No vachetta = no worries! :wlae:

    As far as "style" bags in ML: I don't think I'll buy another cuz "Speedies are my thing!" ..and I don't care for the other ML bags (only the bucket, but it's too small..:crybaby: ) But...if for some reason they came out with the BH in ML I'd be all over that!!!!!! :nuts: Love my BH!

    So if you don't mind the vachetta w/ the mono, I think I'd go with the Mono 1st. Even though I love my ML so much I'm glad I had the canvas speedies prior to the ML. :yes:

    Once I put aside my love for ML and Mono...and really think about the 2...It comes down to the Mono Speedy being a classic LV. I just can't get passed that fact. It's been around for yearrrrrrrrrrs! So that's how I decided. WHEW!!! :sweatdrop:

    Good Luck!! Either way you'll be getting a AWESOME BEAUTIFUL Speedy!! Love 'em both!!!!!!! :love:
  14. Be different and get a Mini Lin Speedy 30. ;)
  15. awww....you're welcome! :love:

    and i just realized this is my 4444th post :nuts:!