1st Rolex, what would you get??

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  1. #1 Oct 1, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 1, 2010
    Hi everyone...

    I wanted to get your opinions!!! I absolutely ADORE watches. It's my favorite piece of jewelry. Cartier is my favorite and I have always enjoyed wearing my Cartiers. I recently had all my jewelry stolen after our house was broken into and my mom has offered to buy me a watch. I am thinking about getting my first Rolex.

    If you could get a Rolex in the 5-6k price range, what would you get and why?

    Thanks!!! :flowers:
  2. I didn't think they were available new for that price? You might be able to find a preowned one.
  3. Hi Ame,

    I have seen several options in SS without diamond markers. Even the diamond markers that are around 7500, many stores have offered a "discount" and minus tax bringing the watch to around 6k or so.

    With that said, I don't mind preowned if I had to go that route. I just don't like the ones that have aftermarket diamonds.
  4. Bentley1: So sorry to hear that your home was broken into......I have a mid-size TT with black MOP face and diamond markers, I love this watch!! The TT might be over your budget but how about all SS? Have fun shopping.
  5. Rolexes just increased 10% a week ago! So glad I bought mine before that increase. Think I should stick with the cartier ballon bleu for my next watch!
  6. You can easily get Rolex for 5-6k, the datejust range.
  7. hmm...i've also been debating about going for my first rolex to add to my watch collection, i like the mid size and also the 31mm size oyster perpetual, with the plain bezel. thinking of either the black dial with blue numbers or the blue sundial one with orange numbers..looks really nice....i don't want diamonds as i have them on my j12 and want a more casual wear option.
    is there any thread for ppl wearing theie rolexs to get an idea of whats out there?...
  8. Bagaday:

    Thanks for the sympathy, it was definitely tragic! Your watch sounds beautiful. I googled it and it came up as a type of Yachtmaster? Not sure if I am looking at the right watch?? Yeah, whatever I get I will have to go with SS for sure to stay within my budget!


    Congrats on your Rolex purchase! I saw your other post about whether or not to get the Cartier. Any pics of your lovely new Rolex?? Yeah, I heard about the price increase, yikes. I guess thats why the SA offered to discount the watch for me. Enjoy your new Rolex!!


    I see we are in the same boat! I also had the white Chanel 33mm with diamond markers, it was a great watch to wear dressed up or down! Great investment IMO. I would love to repurchase that watch in the near future. Looking for something different from what I previously had. The options you mentioned sound beautiful.

    I too would like to see a thread with posters wearing their Rolexes. REally helps to see them in action to get a clear prespective!! I'm pretty new to this forum, so I'm not very good at searching for things, I can never seem to find what I am looking for. :shrugs:
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  10. Lucvhnl:

    Thanks so much for the links! Can't wait to look through all the lovely Rolexes!

    The 31mm datejust is gorgeous. My mom has that one and she gets so much use out of it! I may just have to go with that one, especially since it is budget friendly for me. Thanks!!
  11. Aww... You're welcome Bentley1. I hope that you find the perfect 1st Rolex that you absolutely love.
  12. Bentley1 - Hi! I did not get any new rolex! The 3 that I have (2-tone ladies, ss mid-size, and air king) were purchased about 18 months - 3 years ago! I'm still planning on the medium automatic ss ballon bleu - probably 1st week of November. It is a really neat watch. I did call my rolex AD today to chat about the new mid-size ladies 2010 that are currently being launched. But they're over $8,000 and I like the Cartier more for less $!