1st Rocco!! & a question

  1. Hi!

    I got my first Rocco! The one with iridescent studs!! DSC02263.JPG

    So pretty! And not as heavy or as huge as I was worried it would be

    But there's weird shiny spots on the front... DSC02265x.jpg DSC02267x.jpg (close up of big one)

    Does anyone have any suggestions on what to try to make it look less bad? Thanks!!!
  2. Hmm, I'm not sure you'll be able to do anything about those :sad:
  3. Where did you buy? Maybe they can replace?! Gorgeous studs!!
  4. Bag twins! As suggested above is an exchange possible?
  5. Gorgeous shot of the studs! Is the leather in those shiny spots different?
  6. Thanks, everyone, for your encouragement! I decided to go ahead and contact the company. After viewing the photos, they offered a 10% refund (or I could return the bag for a full refund, which was not ideal because I bought it from ssense, which is based in Canada and because I LOVE the bag).

    I'm maybe going to try to fix it.
  7. Bag twins X 2 :smile:
    I just got mine from Ssense also! Congrats!
  8. Thanks!! congrats to you too!! I LOVE IT
  9. I guess ssense was the go to place...that's where I got my Rocco too!

    It was 1st time ordering from them. I bought the bag friday afternoon paid $10 for expediated shipping and had the bag monday morning! I would def order from them again.
  10. I love mine too! I can't stop looking at the iridescent hw :p

    Congrats on yours too!!
    Yep, Ssense was definitely the go to place for this bag. I noticed it sold out pretty quick!
    I've ordered from them once before and I've been really happy with them both times. The tracking originally showed the bag would get to me on Dec 31st and I was a little disappointed as I thought that seemed kind of long but because of the holidays I understood. I was SO excited when I checked the tracking update (which I obsessively do, LOL!) on the 24th and it said it was out for delivery! I opened the front door to see if the truck was around the neighborhood and there the mail carrier was, walking up to my door! What a great X-mas present!
  11. you Alexander Wang girls are all so sweet!!

    That's awesome that your bag arrived by Christmas! I also constantly check tracking info haha, but I've had so many issues with mail delivery, so it's a must. USPS never leaves notices!

    I wore this bag today with these Fryes: http://www.thefryecompany.com/womens-boots/view-all/77500/engineer-8r?color=BLK

    The matte blacks complemented each other so well! I am so glad I held out on a Rocco until this version came along.
  12. Nice boots!

    I'm glad I held out until now too :biggrin: