1st RM bag - Cloud Grey Nikki - Damaged

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  1. So I received my cloud grey nikki last week and there were what looks like a few water stains and scratches on it = ( I didnt notice how bad it really was until I took pictures of it and the flash magnified everything. The seller is willing to give me a discount on it or I can return it. It would end up being 165US before shipping, insurance and custom taxes. It was new and they even gave me the receipt but suspect that is perhaps got damaged on its way here. This is my first Rebecca Minkoff so I was very dissapointed and don't know what to do. It is also only on one side so I was thinking I can only carry it with that side facing towards me. I also am from Canada where I can't find RM bags.

    Will the apple cleaner and conditioner make this go away??

    Is it worth it to keep it?
  2. If it's scratches, some conditioner & rubbing in gently with your hands might help. Water stains might go away over time but I am not sure if they really do.
  3. I am sorry to hear that.. can you post pics?
    Unless damage was substantial, i would keep it because of its price... but if the scuff are going to make you unhappy, you'd better return it and get a bag you truly love... Good luck!
  4. $165 is a GREAT price.. for a NIKKI.. ususally goes at least $350 I think? post some pics and let us see if the damage is recoverable.
  5. I have tried some other leather conditioner and it did not work but since Ive read so many good things about the apple brand, maybe that'll work better.
  6. Oh, I'm so sorry to hear this. I hate when sellers don't disclose flaws and say a bag is in great condition. Those scratches are pretty big. I wouldn't keep it.
  7. Is this the Nikki that was on feeBay that looked like it was run over by a truck??
  8. The scratches look bad but thee color of it's is awesome and it is one of the earlier releases try conditioner on it.
  9. Ooops. . .guess not. I re-read your post.
  10. I need more opinions please!!!
  11. I just viewed your pics. Def. looks like water damage, scratches, general wear.
    Did you say that you got this ebay? If the seller didn't disclose these flaws on the listing, then file a SNAD (significantly not as described) claim. You could try to get part of your money back. Ebay will do all the legwork for you, so no need to keep communication after filing your claim.
    Keep in mind that it is only worth filing if the seller had not disclosed the flaws.
    If they had, I would just try to get the bag cleaned, out-of-pocket.
  12. Yes it was through ebay. I went through paypal to file a dispute and the seller has been really good. He is a good seller with lots of feedback and 100%. He sells many high end brands. It was not disclosed that there was damage and I was sent the receipt. He suspects it was damaged went it was sent but its hard to believe it could get so scratched up. He has offered to give me 250 back for the bag if i decide to keep it.

    From your experience, will these scratches and stains diminish when cleaned?
  13. I have a CG Nikki and it does scratch easy. It's just the type of leather. Apple is a great condititioner. . . I don't know how well it will work on the stains though.
  14. If the stains bother you, I highly recommend lovinmybags for restoration. They are amazing with leather! www.lovinmybags.com