1st Reveal...Thanks to my DH I Got My Bags That I am Obsessed With!!!

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  1. Long story short, I had been on the wait list for my two Kusama bags for over a month. A week before the September 7th release date, DH calls our SA to confirm the release date has indeed been moved up, rumor confirmed. Two days before release DH calls SA to make sure I will be able to pick my bags up on the 7th. SA says he will check on them and call back (never called back). Next day (the day before the release) DH calls SA. Our SA informs him that one of the bags came in but someone was ahead of me to receive it. They did not get any of the other bag in. SA did not know when they would be getting more bags in. My husband calls me to tell me the news, I'm freaking out, completely bummed that I will not be able to get the bags I was so excited about. I had been driving my husband crazy about these bags ever since I first saw pictures of them. My husband said let me call you right back. Well, ten minutes later my phone rings. It's not my DH but instead a LV SA from a store that we had purchased from last year while on vacation. He told me that my husband had just called him and he had both of my dream bags in his hands and he would be shipping them out to me the next day when they were released!! I was so excited!! But, I was a little concerned that they wouldn't be packaged pretty because they were being shipped. My SA in shining armor assured me that these beautiful bags would be packaged beautifully. Now all I had to do was wait for the FedEx man. Tuesday afternoon he showed up and I received my lovely bags. So, without further ado I'm excited to share my elusive bags. Thanks to my DH for going above and beyond to make sure I was able to obtain my dream bags!! I'm a lucky girl!
    image-805926683.jpg image-3067279828.jpg image-585090757.jpg image-1560217228.jpg
  2. Congratulations!
  3. Congrats!! Love your frenchie too btw :smile:
  4. What a great hubby you have! Congrats on the lovely bags.
  5. Great hubby and really nice purchases!!;)
  6. Big congrats!
  7. Awesome hubby!! Congrats!
  8. congrats on your Kusama LV's!!
  9. Wonderful DH!!! Lucky YOU!!! Enjoy your lovely new additions to your collection!!
  10. Congrats on your purchase :smile:
  11. beautiful!! congrats!
  12. Congrats on both~!! They r beautiful~!!!
  13. Congrats!!
  14. These are beautiful and I LOVE that DH tracked them down for you! Now you are happy and there is peace for him! LOL!
  15. Wonderful DH!!!! Such a great story! Love the choices -- we are bag twins on both! Congrats:smile: