1st PreLoved Reveal

  1. Let me start at the beginning - a few years back I saved and saved to buy my first LVs: a mono speedy and insolite wallet. I struggled with the size of the speedy but ended up with the 25. I have regretted it ever since but can not part w it due to sentimental value. It's too small for everyday!

    Fast forward: I adore the speedy 30 size. I have the damier ebene 30 and the Kusama white speedy 30. But there's always been a hole in my speedy collection...the classic mono 30.

    However, since I already have 3 speedies and 3 other LV's (artsy,neverfull,delightful) I just couldn't justify buying my illusive mono speedy 30.

    In my neighborhood, there is a high end consignment shop that I visit once in a while. The owners are from France and they specialize in Chanel. Their niece works for LV corporate in France. And they have sold a Birkin bag in their 20 years of business.

    The owner decided to sell her own - from her personal collection - mono speedy 30. It's worn but in excellent pre loved condition with a gorgeous honey patina!

    For what I considered to be a fair price of $450 - she's mine! And even better - she's already broken in an worry free! I vacuumed the interior and wiped down the inside, outside, and handles with a gentle baby wipe.

    I had her authenticated on here - thank you!
    && to pacify my paranoia I also brought her to my LV and my SA/manager kindly inspected her and after careful deliberation - declared "she is one of ours" aka authentic!

    So I had her heatstamped!! Presenting my long loved beauty.
  2. A few more photos
    image-1295980420.jpg image-2691020089.jpg image-1839574601.jpg
  3. Congrats! Love the patina...looks gorgeous.
  4. Congrats! She is lovely...gorgeous patina! Oh, and we are initial twins. :smile:
  5. Congrats, such a beautiful patina!
  6. That's one great preloved purchase. You got a great deal and congrats.
  7. What a beauty! Congrats on the excellent price. :smile: I know what you mean about the mono sized hole in a collection. I have a DE but I really want the classic mono as well.
  8. I absolutly adore the heatstamp. Looks perfect.
  9. I'd call this a Speedy with PP. Perfect Patina. What a great find. Congrats!
  10. PP - love it!! Thanks!!!
  11. Congratulations!
  12. Lee just revieved my bag and said it looks good :biggrin:

    Thanks VL for the initial review as well.

    Now im off to enjoy Sunday football with her! For a bag born in 2003 lol - she looks fantastic!
  13. Thank you! Her patina is what sold me. The owner said she generally arm carried - rather than hand carried and is very meticulous with her bags.
  14. Congratulations!! I too got a speedy mono this weekend, the 35. Yeahhh for speedy!!! :speedy:
  15. Thank you!!