1st pre-owned piece

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  1. I purchased my first pre-owned small mono agenda from Fashionphile and I'm very pleased with my purchase. Should I buy the LV agenda refills for 2011 or should I get a cheaper brand?

  2. filofax has great refills for less, but that's up to you. The LV ones are nice.....

    Show us some pics of your agenda!
  3. LV Agenda refills will be so nice and looks formal. But there are some refills that you can get which are funky and cute. e.g the HK refill which you can find in ***bay...
  4. Congrats! show us pics!
  5. Congrats! I think agendas should be personalised so you don't have to get those LV refills jsut because the agenda's LV. There are heaps you can buy online or at bookstores, etc.
  6. Congrats! I just use filofax refills in mine.
  7. I use Sanrio refills.