1st Prada Bag! Instant reveal!

  1. what a lovely color.. its a keeper!
  2. Wow that's really nice. Do they still sell in that design/ color?
  3. Yes they still have it in black and brown/orange
  4. Oops sorry! I didn't realize there were request for model shots - super late but for future ref :smile:

    I'm 5"6.5 and 127lbs

    Excuse messy washroom

    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1391837808.619022.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1391837823.051121.jpg
  5. Wow! Such a gorgeous colour and lovely purchases. Such a sweet dad! Congratulations!!!
  6. Lovely bag :graucho:
    I am envious..
    Wonderful dad to do that for you and your mum x
  7. thank you both! :heart: i am super lucky to have a dad like mine :smile: :love:
  8. Beautiful bags!
  9. lovely bag and it looks really nice on you
  10. What a nice bag. I was thinking of getting a black one for my first one.
  11. That blush color though :hbeat: :hbeat: :hbeat: :hbeat:
  12. It's a great bag! I love the versatility since it can be handheld or crossbody :smile: let me know if you get the black one and share pictures!

    yeah... i know *O* i love that bag! it might be next on my hit list :smile:
  13. Birth certificate :roflmfao: too funny!! such a dad remark!
  14. love the color and the shape! perfect for spring and summer