1st post!!

  1. Hello All, this is my first post! When I came across this forum I was pleasantly surprized, people like me who absolutely adore LV!! It is actually because of all you guys' post that I bought my Damier Azure Speedy 30 (which just arrived today-so gorgeous!:love: ). All my other bags were bought kinda sight unseen...just from pics from Elux and Vuitton.com but all the pics and comments on here pursuaded me to step outside the monogram box and get into the Damier, so thanks for that! Hopefully this isn't my one and only post but until next time..keep loving lv! lol:yes:


  2. OOOHHHH!!! Gorgeous bag! Welcome to tpf!!! You are sure to become a LV addict, so be careful!:yahoo:
  3. welcome and congrats!!!!
  4. Congrats and welcome....this place is very addicting :yes:
  5. Welcome and congrats :yahoo: so gorgeous!!
  6. Welcome! Love that damier azur! Enjoy it!
  7. Congrats, Nikki! And welcome!
  8. congrats! what a fablous bag! hope to see more of you here on the forum!
  9. It looks great! Welcome to the PF! I hope you enjoy your stay here. :smile:
  10. welcome and congrats! great bag!
  11. welcome and congrats!!!
  12. Welcome to tPF. :flowers:
  13. congrats and welcome to TPF!
  14. WELCOME nd congrats on your new Azur!:love:
  15. Welcome to tpf and congrats on your speedy!