1st Post in BV, 1st Reveal & 1st BV!

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  1. I normally stay in the Balenciaga forum, but recently found that I need something "NEW":graucho:
    Always interested in BV, but thought that it may be too mature for my style.
    However, after seeing this color, I do not think I can resist anymore!

    So here is my first post in BV forum, first Reveal and my ever first Veneta!:yahoo:

    Hope you guys will enjoy the pictures and I am sure I will add more BVs to my collection:P

    I ordered this brand new Veneta from a Hongkong reseller and it came carefully packed!

  2. I'm here!!! Bring it on!!
  3. I can smell the leather once I opened the plastic cover! :heart::heart::heart:
  4. Here it comes my Large Anemone Veneta!:yahoo:
    Very hard to capture the real color, it actually looks different in IRL...
    Will try to take some more photos during daylight this weekend!

    Different setting

    One with flash
  5. gorgeous!!! congrats!!!
  6. A comparison shot with my Balenciaga Sapphire Work!
  7. Nice to see you here!!
    I'm slowly entering to this BV wonderland as well and still love my bals.
    Veneta is a great start for your BV collection. Enjoy~~
  8. Finally, a quick MOD pic that I took in the office :P

  9. Fabulous!! It looks great on you!!
  10. Thank you beljwl!!!

    Hello Claire!!! Love your Matita too!!! I was deciding between Anemone & Matita, but I am always a Purple lover ;)

    Thanks sbelle!!!
  11. it looks amazing on you!!! congrats!
  12. Congratulations 3 times over!!! Isn't that leather fragrance heavenly?
  13. Wow, gorgeous and it does look amazing on you!!!! Love the Veneta!
  14. I'm fainting! That bag is TDF! I love purple bags! Thanks for the awesome reveal!
  15. Love the color and enjoy it..it looks great!!